Thursday, October 15, 2009

@ndy the 'trouble maker'

From the ‘slackbastard’ site:

“How to Make Trouble and Influence People is a wonderful new book by some trouble-making bloke called Iain McIntyre, and is published by the redoubtable and not-at-all nervous Breakdown Press.

Launched in Newcastle at TINA — where L kindly grabbed me a copy — it will be launched again, kicking and screaming, in Melbourne on THURSDAY the 5th NOVEMBER at the BELLA UNION BAR (Victorian Trades Hall, cnr Victoria and Lygon Streets) between the hours of 6 and 8pm.

The book compiles tales of unconventional political dissent included in three previously-published pamphlets — How To Make Trouble And Influence People (1996), How to Stop Whining and Start Living (1998) and Revenge Of The Troublemaker (2003) — and, as an EXTRA! ADDED! BONUS!, interviews with a number of pranksters, photos galore, and er, other stuff.

See also : How To Make Trouble & Influence People (March 19, 2008).”

Well, that title just about covers it. It neatly encapsulates FDB’s modus operandi.

Yeah, we suppose, when you’re a bored, whiny little prat who was unpopular at school and ‘awkward’ with girls like @ndy this kind of thing must seem really ‘radical’ and ‘cool’. You know the stuff. Sorta like what ‘The Chaser’ crew and other private school, university wasters get up to. It’s all just put down to youthful high spirits and ‘creative’ or ‘progressive’ minds ‘pushing the envelope’ and stuff IF you happen to be from a wealthy or influential family or, like Darp and @ndy, just well connected Middle Class brats.

Of course real Working Class Men just have to… well… WORK ‘n’ stuff (that’s getting dirty and grimy and tired) and get on with the daily grind of paying bills and taxes and raising a family etc. Yeah, that’s right @ndy. That’s how your handlers in the system prevent real revolution and overthrow from ever happening. Most people, especially the Proles you seem to idealise in ‘Neo-Soviet’ fantasies, haven’t got the energy to spare for dissent and resistance. They are simply too busy, tired, stressed, to read ‘challenging’ literature, study politics and involve themselves in activism.

That’s left, largely, to lazy pricks like you and the FDB crew who are still thinking and acting like ‘youth’ at thirty something while living at home with mummy. The only reason blokes like us at Whitelaw Towers are even involved is because you and your very, very stupid mates attacked us with an over the top ferocity well out of proportion to our original interest and involvement in politics. You, or more accurately Darp and Weezil, basically did what nobody else seemed able to do for decades in Australia. They united many disparate elements of White Nationalism in a common cause and enlightened many to the sheer scale and depth of the conspiracy against White people.

The FACTS are that FDB have created more ‘born again’ White Men and strengthened the resolve of many more who were already dedicated to the cause than any amount of recruitment drives from various Nationalist groups could ever have achieved. Thanks for that. You IDIOTS! Just remember that next time you’re all sitting around and smugly claiming the great ‘success’ of the Fight Dem Back project.

Just as Darp has a homoerotic fetish for gigantic pacific islander thugs dressed in lumber jackets and playing at builder’s labourers so too is @ndy so fascinated with work he could watch it all day. @ndy, you and your ‘Anarchists’ are like kids playing dress up games. If anyone does have a right to glamorise the Working Class imagery it is the Working Class themselves. I am sure most real blue collar blokes would find it puzzling, suss perhaps, or even outright insulting to find that the iconography of their way of life has been appropriated by pasty, chicken necked, spotty little middle class twats.
Particularly when it swiftly becomes apparent that it is little more than a big laugh for most of these indulgent bourgeois hobbyists and political dilettantes. We won’t even mentioned how pissed off many would be if they found out about YOUR reasons for involvement. Lucky for you, we suppose, that most wouldn’t even be able to spell Sayanim, let alone have a clue what it really means.

Oh, and @ndy, we’re all looking forward to Darp’s book coming out. Send him our best. We’re hoping it will include the hotel vandalism and kiddie bashing stuff. It’s all vital ‘trouble making’ and ‘influential’ stuff. But gee, I bet he’s a tad peeved that this McIntyre dude kinda beat him to it and all. Oh well, at least he’s got his Law career to look forward to. Oops! We almost forgot. He won’t even have that now, will he?


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Anonymous said...

When a Jew whines "racism", what's the Jew really whining about ?

It is this. The Jew is actually complaining that in seeking to preserve the existence of all races and peoples, we are effectively circumventing their engineered program to destroy the races through multiculturalism, and in this way foiling their scheme to become the "Chosen" race by manufacturing a raceless, identity free class of "Goyim"..

Oppose the Jew at every level, and trumpet loudly your honest interpretations of the Jews' malevolent mischief.

But seek to preserve the other races just as you do your own,,and let them know that you do, so that they will support you in this mutually beneficial cause.

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Anonymous said...

Ghandi would've sent Gl@andy and the entire iniquitous horde of Jew scheemers and carpet muncher/boiteabaggers packing.

He wrote in 1903:

“We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone.”