Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gassed Six Times In Auschwitz, Dachau Eight Times More...

Hey, don't laugh, it's a damn fine business plan.
You make a claim that can never, indeed must never, be independently investigated and verified.
Your word is l.a.w. LAW.
Your children and grandchildren etc, stretching off beyond the vanishing point into eternity, (Remember: "Never Forget!") are eligible for ongoing 'compensation' for your alleged losses and suffering, possibly the only time in Human and Legal history that damages can be claimed for an intergenerational neurosis indefinately, your fellow people construct tacky theme parks filled with garish displays and telling lurid stories to add weight to your fantastic claims, you lobby and bribe and blackmail every official at every level of government until they are totally owned by you and terrified of your power, you then orchestrate the implementation of Draconian legislation to crush any dissenters, you have an almost unchallneged influence on the educational curriculum that makes attendance of your theme parks compulsory and the reading of your accounts mandatory and then you never, ever, ever stop whining for a milisecond about your suffering and misery, despite the fact that you occupy the top percentile of the wealthiest people in virtually every nation on Earth and control virtually all the banks and all the media but yet, it's a miracle, you are STILL the greatest victim to ever walk the planet.
A licence to print money?
It's BRILLIANT! know what?
It's never enough...

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