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Is @ndy TOTALLY losing it?

This story has appeared mysteriously on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum. Why do we say ‘mysteriously’? Well, for a start it is a crime that does NOT have White perpetrators and there is a distinct lack of smart-arse commentary from @ndy admonishing the offenders as cowardly, ignorant, hateful and RACIST!!!

We’re confused. No really, we are. Is this a monumental balls up by @ndy, who’s been under a bit of pressure lately, or are FDB so desperate for ‘news’ stories involving ‘racism’ that they will now even print stuff that doesn’t conform to their Whites only policy?

And, yes Folks, Fight Dem Back DOES have a long held policy (since their very inception in fact) of ONLY addressing WHITE so-called 'Hate Crime'. More than one of their 'core members' have stated over the years that FDB reserves the 'right' to only focus on WHITE so-called 'Racism' and 'Supremacy' and that they leave the job of other forms of 'Racism' to other groups.
Funny thing is though that there ARE no such groups at least as far as we can tell. Look up 'Racism' or 'Anti-Racism' on Google and you will be hard pressed to find ANYTHING AT ALL that addresses other forms of 'racism' let alone Anti-White Racism. You will even discover that when challenged about so-called 'Reverse Racism' the operators of these sites will either minimise the importance of such a thing, claiming it is 'insignificant' or even dismiss it as 'non-existent'!!!

From The Age:

Man jailed over racist attack on Indian student


October 23, 2009

A gang of racist youths nearly killed a man during an armed rampage in an Indian grocery store in Melbourne’s west for the “sheer thrill” of the attack, a judge said today.

Drunk and carrying wooden planks ripped up from a nearby bus stop seat, the seven youths raided the Impex shop in Sunshine yelling “are you Indian?” as they randomly struck their victims on December 1 last year, the County Court heard today.

Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days and will suffer the effects of a severe acquired brain injury for the rest of his life after being beaten during the assault.

Eight men were punched and hit with the weapons and most suffered minor injuries but Mr Singh was beaten unconscious and spent months in hospital and rehabilitation after being struck three times to the head and body.

In sentencing one of the attackers, Zakarie Hussein, 21, of Braybrook, Judge Pamela Jenkins said today the group had deliberately targeted victims of Indian ethnicity in the “unprovoked rampage”.

The youths had been drinking beer in a park for about four hours before they went to the store in City Place just after 6.30pm where two of the teens began a racist argument with two customers, the court heard.

About five minutes later, the pair returned with their friends, most armed with wooden bars and one with a fluorescent light tube, and began smashing up the store and indiscriminately striking customers and staff as they yelled “are you Indian?” and “bloody Indians, f— off”.

The shop’s cash register was stolen and the loot divided up among the offenders. Hussein received about $15.

In a victim impact statement tendered to the court, Mr Singh said metal plates had been inserted into his face, he had shed up to 15 kilograms and been left with lumps and scars on his head from the assault.

“I am lucky to be alive, all my friends and family thought I was going to die,” Mr Singh said in the statement.

He said he suffered from dizzy spells and had undergone counselling after being plagued by nightmares and flashbacks.

The court heard his injuries had been potentially life-threatening and meant he had been unable to work for five months, may not be able to complete his studies and was too frightened to live alone.

Hussein had pleaded guilty to armed robbery, recklessly causing serious injury, and six counts of recklessly causing injury.

Judge Jenkins said Hussein had not used his wooden weapon but had planned to before being knocked out of the way by a co-offender.

She said the victims had tried to cower from their attackers and had done nothing to provoke the attack.

“Your victims presented no threat to you or your co-offenders whatsoever. They did not provoke you, they did not fight back and indeed they made every effort to escape from the assaults,” she said.

“Notwithstanding these circumstances the victims were beaten apparently for the sheer thrill, Mr Singh being subjected to a particularly savage beating with the terrible consequences for him.”

Judge Jenkins said the assault was among a number of racist attacks that had rightly provoked international and local community outrage and should be condemned.
“Short of becoming prisoners in their own homes, there is little potential victims can do to prevent such attacks,” she said.

Judge Jenkins sentenced Hussein to four-and-a-half years’ jail with a minimum non-parole period of two years.

Did you GET that Folks? Four years for a HATE CRIME? Four and a half years? Can you just imagine how draconian the sentence would have been had the perps been White? If a White fella gets into a street fight with a non White, even just in self defence, and mutters some racially specific epithet under his breath it is instantly deemed a ‘Race Hate Crime’ and the sentence summarily triples or quadruples. This mob of Blacks quite deliberately go Indian hunting and get slapped on the wrist with a piece of wet lettuce. WHAT a farkin' JOKE!!!

Hussein, dressed in a black suit and white shirt and supported in court by family, bit his nails throughout the hearing and stood with his hands clasped while he was sentenced to serve his time in an adult prison.

The court heard he had migrated to Australia from Somalia, aged about six, with his older brother and mother, who were both later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

MIGRATED? We thought he was a REFFO!

His younger sister had died from malaria shortly before the family left Africa where they spent time in a refugee camp in Kenya.

The court heard Hussein had experienced a difficult childhood and by his final year of school was drinking and taking drugs daily.

Oh, STOP it! You're breakin' my HEART!

His defence had argued Hussein played only a minor role in the attack, had been drunk after consuming about 10 beers, and was remorseful.

We thought inebriation on the part of a perpetrator had no bearing any more on so-called 'reduced responsibility'. So why did his Lawyer even raise this? You KNOW this 'excuse' wouldn't cut it if you were WHITE!

But Judge Jenkins said despite Hussein not having hit any of the victims he had entered the store armed with the intention of hurting someone and had yelled encouragement to his friends.

She said it was “particularly shameful” that the Somali immigrant had vented his rage on international students and other young immigrants.

"Shameful"??? Doesn't she mean HATEFUL and VICIOUS?

“There is no question that the offending constituted an extremely violent and indiscriminate rampage by armed youths exhibiting the worst traits of a pack mentality,” Judge Jenkins told Hussein.

‘Pack mentality’? Is there really any OTHER ‘mentality’ when it comes to ‘groids? Has the Judge never studied any basic Anthropology or Sociology? Has she never watched any of those excellent documentaries on Africa? This is what they DO, lady! Do all our legal people live in a vacuum?

Hussein had prior convictions including, for robbery, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

"Prior convictions"? FerFUCKsake!!!

Dontcha just LURVE Multiculturalism?

Four of Hussein’s co-offenders, aged between 14 and 17 at the time of the attack, had already received 12-month sentences in a youth detention centre and a fifth teen received a 12-month youth supervision order.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Rapke has appealed against the sentences, arguing they are “manifestly inadequate”.

You ain’t whistlin’ Dixie there Jerry!

The Court of Appeal is yet to hand down its judgment. A sixth offender, who has pleaded guilty in the Children’s Court, will be sentenced following the result of the appeal.

On the question of deportation that is so often raised in relation to cases such as this. Once Australian Citizenship has been granted it cannot be revoked, even in extreme circumstances such as this, so it looks like we, the Australian Taxpayer, are stuck with these idiots.

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