Friday, October 16, 2009

@ndy alone and out in the cold. Anti Fa Crocodile tears.

@ndy the tragic clown

You have to love this crap folks. This guy has come straight out of the Bnai-Brith 'how to' hand book. He is a 'graduate with honours' from The Mossad school of Sayanim provocateur activism.

For the past four years this prick has worked with the State and the Australian Board of Jewry to destroy people’s lives. His very cosy relationship with Jewish law makers and Australian Law Enforcement certainly brings his claim as being a working class Anarchist into serious question.

For the past four years @ndy, who we have to assume is Andrew Moran Art Dealer in Melbourne (apologies to Mr. Moran if we are wrong, drop us a line) has lied, cheated and fabricated in an attempt to muster Left Wing aggression. He has had to use examples of Zionist Media BS from all over the world to fuel his little Anarchist Army into action.

Let’s put it this way @ndy and his controllers, to quote Lenin, "the best way to lead a movement is to control it!" are doing just that. Both the left and right of the Political spectrum. Now we know who is who. We know about the Anarchist collective and who runs what with whom. We just don’t know if some of @ndy's older mates are in on this. Maybe they have no idea what has been going on for the past few years. Or maybe @ndy is at the top with them? We will find out eventually. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

The fact remains that @ndy has had to use examples from the Zionist Controlled Media to fuel his Zionist crusade. 99% of the examples he uses are from countries other than Australia. Why? The battle of the left and right is a battle of ideology not a street battle. Let’s not forget that many of our fundamental beliefs overlap.

@ndy knows this. He knows that during this quiet period between opposing ideologies that many from both sides have sat down with each other and discovered the few things we have in common. Not every Right Winger is a so-called 'Neo-Nazi' just as not every Left winger is a 'Stalinist'. We all come in various shades of grey. The only people who don't like this are the bloody Zionists. Who just so happen to be the so called 'Neo-Nazis' and the 'Stalinists'. They control both extreme ends of the spectrum and much of what is in between.

@ndy is forever writing about the history of Anarchism and Marxism. But the one thing he never mentions is that both in the past have been top heavy with Jews. Even today this holds true. As such, Anarchism and Marxism have been used by these people to further their own very specific goals. They could not give a shit about the working man. @ndy is simply sticking with a mode of operation carefully mapped out well over one hundred years ago.

This guy truly is the chief propagandist. Starting with the perfect Celtic cross carefully painted on Mathew Henderson Hau’s driveway to the Swastikas spray painted around the Birmy Hotel after an ISD gig a few years ago and the G20 protests, not forgetting the '88' painted at the home of Eric Roozendahl, the NSW Treasurer. Oh yes, Eric is a Jew, to the latest stunt, a Swastika paint job at some Victorian Anarchist book shop! These guys have just got to be kidding. Right?

One thing is for sure not one of these acts of vandalism were perpetrated by anyone from the Australian White Nationalist movement. In fact it all points at @ndy and his crew from FDB. These stunts are generally known in the industry as 'false flag' operations where the perpetrators attack their own assets or people, very carefully leaving behind 'clues' or false 'evidence' that leads investigators straight to the perpetrator's known enemies. Namely, the local Nationalist or Patriot group.

Folks, now read this plea from this scum bucket. Don’t think for a minute this guy is fighting alone. He has support from some very influential people from Academia, Government and the senior sections of the Jewish Community including Bnai-Brith. All of whom wish to keep their hands clean. This plea from @ndy and the escalating problems between left and right are all designed to recruit the Left as cannon fodder foot soldiers for the Zionists. All this escalation is coming from one small part of the Left ... @ndy.

Get out your tissues.
"Finally, if somebody was physically assaulted, then somebody would have been physically assaulted. The possibility of this having occurred would have been almost certain, I think, had I been there, and most likely it would have been myself who was rendered either dead or at least unconscious. As a consequence of my blogging, and my involvement with ‘Fight Dem Backl’, I’ve received a number of death threats and threats of violence from such quarters. Being a person of no consequence, very few people are aware of these facts, and even fewer care. The absence of any commentary on my blog in relation to this incident is, I think, evidence of this."

Death threats? Fuck off. For a start, where is the evidence? And what this piece of shit has done to others far out weighs any of his absolute BULL SHIT. He fucking knows this. He has informed on the left yet pretended to be one. He has destroyed people’s careers, he has split up families, he has endangered White Nationalists' children, he has worked with Jewish journalists to fabricate 'news' items. Who the fuck truly thinks this prick is the victim? He is a stinking traitor and we can only hope his own people give him the flick.

Now here is the Whitelaw offer. If you are a Left Wing Anarchist or Marxist and you believe that someone from our side of the fence has done something wrong, like spray paint your business etc, drop us a line. Don’t go crying to @ndy, chances are he bloody well did it!

Now we will always have supporters from both sides having a go at each other on the street. Big deal, I could not care less. I’m not talking about fashion wars or pissing contests between teenage activists. I’m talking about any act that threatens to bring about open warfare and the involvement of State Authorities. At the end of the day everyone gets arrested, does time and @ndy and his mates write it up as a victory while sipping Chardonnay. Typical armchair generals.

We don’t want to work with you nor do we want to make 'deals' with you. But if we are going to duke it out in the street lets do it without the influence of the State.

It's time both sides 'cleaned house' and got rid of the enemy within.

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