Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rhymes with *unt

National Frunt...

From our comments section:

National Frunt said...
"actually that stuff about doctors and lawyers was a comment on what Jason Orme said in the video clip we at Nfrunt are actu8ally bogans from Christchurch, and we hate yuppies almost as much as we hate white power scum like you"
11:20 AM

'bogans' eh? Now, that's a strange term for a Kiwi to use seeing as it's very much a Victorian epithet. We tend to call them 'Westies' here on the East Coast of Australia. So do we assume this is your claimed excuse for your apparent illiteracy? That's not very fair to intelligent, self educated Working Class Folk like us, now is it? Or is it the fact that we picked you Red Scum as the phonies you are, straight up, just like a dirty nose so you are now attempting to pass yourselves off as Proles?
Believe us, you really don't need to try and 'dumb' yourselves 'down' for our benefit. We reckon we'll stick by our original assessment. It's a fair bet none of you have done a hard day's work in your lives and that you're all drug addled losers still sponging off your parents as well as sucking on the teat of social welfare.
You think you know all about life and society's problems? Pal, you don't know you're alive. Look in the mirror. The problem is you. Self indulgent twats who, when you're not down the skate park or 'hangin' at the mall', are sitting around in your bedrooms all day, sniffing your own farts and masturbating over your keyboard. Get a clue pal and then go get a life but don't blame us for your snotty nosed 'problems'.
It's funny though how you refer to us as 'scum' when it's already painfully apparent you're talentless swill of the lowest order. Also, why IS it that your lot always use that term 'White Power'? The only time you'll ever find that term, the same as 'White Supremacist', anywhere on THIS site is when it's included in a quote from YOUR side.
We know it's a waste of our time and energy but, what the heck, it's a quiet day, for your elucidation the terms we use are White Pride and White Separatist. See if you can find the 'hatred' and 'Racism' in those terms.
Yeah, we know, you WILL...

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