Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Shabbos Goy’s Progress

With apologies to John Bunyan we wish to comment on the progress of a Shabbos Goy Pilgrim.

Even now, after all this time, it still fills us with real wonder and amazement that Darrin Hodges performed such a sudden and comprehensive back flip and apparent conversion on the road to Damascus, or should that be Tel Aviv?

He simply is too much. This latest from the APP nest:

“There could be no greater insult to the memory of those who perished in the death camps or the thousands of Australians who died fighting that criminal regime than such a man standing up and asking their descendants to vote for the same evil their ancestors died fighting.”

You what? There could be no greater insult to our intelligence than to read this tripe.

“death camps”?

Next he’ll be writing about lampshades and soap!

“thousands of Australians who died fighting that criminal regime”

We don’t recall any Australians fighting Wall Street although we do admit many died fighting their Racial Brethren of Europe having been tricked into a fratricidal war that only benefited the forces of International Finance. To claim that they fought while in possession of all the political facts would be as preposterous as FDB’s claims that they fought for Multiculturalism and is a gross disrespect to their memory and to their surviving family members.

Did Darrin type this infantile doggerel immediately following a visit to the Holocaust Museum or had he just got off the phone from Uncle Izzy? Read that paragraph again and then close your eyes and imagine who that reminds you of. It is Zionist claptrap of the deadly worst kind that could have easily been written by Mathew Henderson-Hau or any of the dozen or so Sayanim gangsters over at Fight Dem Back.

It really does look as if, in his case, resistance was indeed futile for Darrin, the transmogrification process is complete and he has been fully assimilated. What an obedient little GoyBot he has turned out to be too. He has mastered Double Think and can now accept the gospel according to Slimy Weaselclaw despite the fact he has read, viewed and previously supported the excellent revisionist material utterly discrediting the so-called ‘Holocaust’…erm…sorry, we mean Shoah Darrin.

Oy Vey!

Come forth and be circumcised mine Goy…or have you… erm… already been brissed?
Shalom, shalom!

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Jane said...

That APP statement is quite definitely misconstruing the truth regarding WWII.
Looks like APP is towing the zionists party line.