Thursday, October 15, 2009

Terrorist plot to attack Holsworthy Army Barracks Western Sydney

Posted 04/08/2009

Counter terrorism police are speaking to a Sydney man as they investigate a plot to launch a suicide attack on an Australian army base.

The alleged plot would have seen heavily armed gunmen storm the Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney's west, opening fire on anyone who crossed their paths.

"The men's intention was to actually go into the army barracks and to kill as many soldiers as they could before themselves, they were killed.

"Potentially this would have been, if it had been able to be carried out the most serious terrorist attack on Australian soil."

Now readers go back to February this year. Remember this.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Mossad alive and well at a Shopping Centre Near You Pt2

This guy thought it was really funny. No surprise considering the company he keeps.

Moving along. Seeing as the host removed the sound file of the interview someone thought they should put the recording on You Tube. Just doing our bit to keep the bastards honest. This is activism small scale but every little bit helps.

Info concerning the above vid on WLT You Tube site.

"The original recording was pulled for some strange reason. The intention of this recording is to try and prevent in some small way a possible false flag operation on the Australia's Military Eyes and Ears namely the Electronic Warfare Unit based on the Darling Downs. If something goes down well we have done what we think is the right thing.

Now we are not saying that all employees of Seacret are Mossad. But evidence does suggest that Mossad may be using Israeli Companies as a front. Its not like we haven't heard of the failed attack on a Military base in Sydney now is it. Nothing like a precedent to set the stage. So just have a sticky beak next time you are out shopping with the Mrs. You know the drill milk, bread, Mossad agent:)

We can tell you that the shopping center operation that was interviewed in February packed up and left and didn't return until recently. The guy there now looks even less likely to be a hand cream salesman.
In this day and age of nothing surprises us anymore we offer you this.

Now if you are concerned and you haven't got what it takes to ask questions don't panic. If you feel you need to do something or help out try donating some money to a good cause. Drop in here and help out a fellow Aussie. More Dollars = More Activist Activity"

Now if you think street activism is the way to go and you are to busy to give it a go, try visiting Here and make a donation to someone who is willing to give it a shot.


Anonymous said...

They're selling "Dead Sea Salt" FaceMud or some such snake Oil in Westfield shopping Centres in the Eastern States of Australia.

I seen it with my own eyes I did and can vouch personally for the Art Peddlars getting about the place being slitherers from Zion.

What a Sad bunch of slippery Weezils they is. They probably think that we think that they don't know who we is...But the point is really that we don't really care whether they know, cause we know wot they is, and it snot nice !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Another Mossadim on the Job.

Anonymous said...

He’s probably right, unfortunately, for those who regard the political class as near universally repellent and little more than serial attention seekers, Wankers or Kapos and collaborators if in the service of the Shrew that is the Jew.
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The Jew infests the legislature of the Gentile because it seeks to rule the Gentiles and manifest as “Chosen”….. The United Noachides is such a construct, teeming with the Jews, Kapos, lickspittles and Kollaborators.