Thursday, October 29, 2009

'This Is Oz'. Oh, REALLY?

Well, it’s certainly not the Australia that I have come to know and love. It’s more like something from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ Hollywood movie. If these creatures truly believe they are being unfairly discriminated against in Australia then how would they cope with life in Islamic Nations or any number of other less ‘enlightened’ and civilised countries?

It’s all so tiresomely typical of the bogus line taken by all these so-called minority groups who demand ‘equality’ while simultaneously claiming to be ‘special’. They are so selfish and childishly immature they are blissfully unaware of their own gross hypocrisy. Possibly it is another symptom the so-called ‘Me’ generation. We’ve all seen and heard them, you know the types, drama queens so infatuated by their own inflated sense of importance, yet deep down self loathing, they will cross the road to be insulted, thereby, in their own tiny minds ‘justifying’ their original contrived outrage.

The ‘difference’ and ‘diversity’ argument is a deliberate decoy, a red herring. What this issue is really all about is not an innocent and simple demand on their part for fair and equal treatment but rather a demand they be afforded special deferential treatment and that the sovereign rights of others to reject them be extinguished and such behaviour be punishable by law. So who are the real ‘oppressors’ and ‘elitists’ here? It’s strange they refuse to show the maturity and tolerance they demand of others.

Just as the Khazars promote their own victim-hood they have bestowed this phoney privilege on all other so-called minority groups operating within our society as part of the entire Multiculturalism package deal. The entire ‘rainbow’ and ‘patchwork quilt’ design of the ‘model society’ these misfits wish to impose on us is doomed to failure from the start. It has serious inbuilt redundancy. The fabric of a patchwork quilt, unlike that of a natural, whole and homogenous material, can be easily ripped apart, splitting along the stitching between the various panels. These inbuilt fault-lines are a deliberate feature of the design intended to enable the manipulators easier control over the various fractured elements in the society.

Anyway, don’t these fools realise that Australia has always been ‘diverse’? It has always had its freaks and clowns and interlopers. It’s just that normal, healthy, functioning societies everywhere, the World over, set limits on acceptable public behaviour and that every society has the right to cultural sovereignty. In other words, while all societies are, by their very nature, largely ‘inclusive’ they do have the right to be ‘exclusive’ of anything deemed negative or harmful to the majority. This does not, ipso facto, mean that unfair discrimination and persecution follows. It simply means that the minority is put in its place and is bound to behave itself within the expectations of the prevailing culture.

In fact, it is amazing just how tolerant White Western societies, particularly Australia, are to all types of aberrant behaviour, often to our own detriment. Despite the way our enemies typify most White Folk as intolerant, hateful bigots we are, as a people, innately decent, friendly, trusting and empathic. We are creative, hard working, slow to anger, staunch in the face of adversity and generous to a fault. It is our own good nature that puts us at such a disadvantage because our enemies exploit this feature as a weakness.

As a people we have refined our behaviour and manners to the point where we are so far ahead of the brutal ignorance of the more primitive Races that we simply no longer know how to be appropriately aggressive, even in our own defence. It’s about time, rather than being constantly on the defensive against the barrage of vilification, that we demand our image be rehabilitated and that we are afforded the respect long overdue to us.

If we find the life choices and behaviour of these ‘minorities’ repugnant then we have the inalienable and sovereign right to choose to reject and shun them and to voice our disgust at them and their toxic effect upon normal, mainstream society. In fact, we would not be good, responsible citizens if we did not point out and criticise individuals who quite deliberately flaunt their destructively perverse ideas and behaviour that undermines the health and security of our society.

In the end, there is no law on this Earth that can force anyone to respect anyone else let alone like or love someone else whose ethics, lifestyle, morality, personality or politics are anathema to them. The Marxist social engineers can legislate all they like, but until their mind scanners can read our every thought, they can’t get inside our heads or our hearts and stop us defending the moral integrity of our Race and Culture.

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Anonymous said...

Kids are just a commodity now.....
Keep these adopted kids out of your Queer posturing please...They are innocents in all of this, and the best opportunity for them to grow up feeling least resentful at that which was forced onto them without their consent, is to place them in a conventional Family Home with a Mother, a Father and possibly some siblings.

There will be those amongst adoptees, children who have a preference to be relatively anonymous and unknown in today's society...During childhood and at school, this will be nearly impossible, as you stupid, self centred activist Queers, will be yourselves, or by default, constantly reminding the poor kid to celebrate the reality of his diverse "uniqueness" as being part of a mincing, munching Queer family. Yaaaaayyyyy :-(
About as much fun as flat Champagne.

These kids in particular deserve better that to be poster boys and girls on "thisisOz" as part of your GLBT activism.

You're a cruel clique of self centred arsewipes in that particular respect. It is all about YOU and you're need to feel "normal".

Anonymous said...

'Pain and turmoil' of victim's family
How abuse network was smashed

Strachan, who is HIV positive, has already served a three-year prison sentence in 1997 for abusing a boy. Rennie was the chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, which offers advice to young gay and lesbian people.

You can read about this on LeeJohnBarnes' blog.

Is this Scotland ?

Anonymous said...

To all the weird and wonderful 'queer' people out there. There was a good REASON why you stayed in the closet. Get BACK in the closet. Honestly, there's nothing to be afraid of. We promise not to hurt you and we'll even leave a light on for you

Anonymous said...

Another culture specific institution is dead, and you can bet your regimentally unhindered and hirsuite left testicle it is by design. But the police force at the highest, compromised levels are always happy to protect, promote and enforce the impost of insitutionalised Faggotry as evinced by their support of the “ThisIsOz” Shite. They’ll eventually grant the LGBT Lobby safe passage into mind of the child via schools, despite the protests of parents.
Where are the “Scottish” Rite Freemasons on this ? Who’ll play the Mason’s Apron for them, or do they dance while kneeling to the tune of the Kabbalist “Hava Nagila”….Your own culture is being sacrificed at the altar and euthanized incrementally while you hide in deference to “Israel” within the confines of your lodges and do absolutely NOTHING to preserve it, because its fun, special and nice to have secrets that others are denied or considered not capable or “adept” enough to understand…..Plonkers. Come out from hiding beneath your Aprons and show your colors Lads.

Britain requires unity in this onslaught of an engineered impost of multicultural adulteration at the behest of the Jewes, lest they collectively become Noachidiots…Or perhaps this is what they deserve. If Alfayed really wants to preserve the culture, then he will counter the legislatively enforced immigrant hordes with his influence.. Britain is, or was, a racial construct. Not a political Noachide construct…If the Scots do have Egyptian connections, then this would explain why the Jewdas detests the Scots as evinced in Mike Myers depiction of Scot Fat Bastard as Scatologically preoccupied accomplice with Dr “Evil”. The Scots will have devolved into just another exhibit in the Multicultural Zoo of “great britain”

“Effective October 21, 2009, "the Strathclyde Police Pipe Band is over," according to a source within the band, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"It's about as official as it's going to get in terms of how Strathclyde Police does its business these days, but the band is over," the source told pipes|drums.”
25 It seems that with certain people, not just in Scotland but in all of Britain, heritage has become a politically incorrect term and hence does not count anything anymore. City centre boredom - the likes of McDonald's, Lidel's, C&A's everywhere in Europe and beyond - isn't enough. Let's scrap regional cultures as well and let legal and illegal immigrants fill the vacuum for the sake of cultural globalism.

Richard Lionheart,
19/06/2009 13:15:05
Just a thought:-

If it were the Gay Strathclyde Police Pipe Band there would there be any question over it receiving funding?

Anonymous said...

If a friend in deed is a friend indeed, then the Zionists are no friends of the Anglo/Celtic people..

All Zionists work toward the multicultural destruction of the UK, either directly of by default if "Gentile" through deference to the wailing wall that protects Jewish lies from the scrutiny of Truth..

It is the "Holocaust" that guarantees the "Jews" whispered "free" speech...It is enforced numerical "truth" of the Holocaust that forces us to listen and hear Hymee's histrionics against the better wisdom of ages that is still within us. It is the "Holocaust" whispers and our forced worship of it that will be the undoing of all people.

Anonymous said...