Saturday, October 17, 2009

Threats threats and more threats.

Hello readers. A friend of a friend of a friend has passed on some info. Seems someone is running around claiming to be one of the sources that the media used to attack Australia First a couple of weeks ago.

It has been reported to us that this silly little man who knows the drill has been text messaging senior members from Australia First on a regular basis. Oh and dropping a few names. It really is very annoying.

Your task if you choose it is to drop us a line if this Phone Number looks familiar. 0422157280

We can tell you that it is possibly a Sydney person with a bit of a crush for the BNP leader Nick Griffin. Check your numbers people and get back to us at

All information received will be confidential.

Together we stand divided we fall.


We love this stuff folks. No we still have no idea who it is. But we did flush out Australia's own Jewish Task Force Forum member and NSW head of the Australian Protectionist Party Darrin with an "I" Hodges. Seems he thinks we are talking about him above. Sorry to say Dazza not this time. I will write something up just for you soon ok?

"Perran and Co. have adopted Saleam's age old tactics of the art of not naming somebody whilst saying exactly who it is. In the latest conspiracy, I'm apparently sending text messages to AFP dropping names and boasting about the article on Saleam. I really just get everywhere don't I? When I'm not sending messages to AFP I'm the lead propagandist for Israel! And these morons think people are going to buy into their delusions by voting for them?"

Now we really have no idea what the hell he is talking about yet again. Staff here had no idea that WLT was out after votes? I thought we just outed reds and idiots like him. But Darrin we do know you did drop a name or two to the Media recently. Do you really think they mean it when they say "we will not reveal our source"? I suppose they didn't exactly give anyone your name but they do excell in "age old tactics of the art of not naming somebody whilst saying exactly who it is".

Now what I cant believe is that the APP think having a forum full of Jews and backstabbing little turncoats is going to get them any votes. Not very professional one would think. Well unless you are into utter BS, Slander and Israeli flag waving. Then you should feel right at home.

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