Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tin Foil Hat. One size fits all.

Well this is certainly going to get up the nose of @ndy and his useful idiot mates. Ever heard of the Revolutionary Socialist Party? Well people they are a mix of Marxist, Communists, and dare we say it Anarchists. In what looks like to be a clear divide on the Left on issues such as Fear of Zog (Zionism) our traditional enemy the Communists are starting to wake up. More HERE . The Left fearing Zog what next? Seems Brendon O'Connell was spot on about Connex.

Sure we may disagree with 80% of what these Che T Shirt wearing Marxist do and say but one thing we have in common is an understanding regarding certain aspects of Globalism and Zionism. It has become very apparent over the past two years that groups such as Fight Dem Back and their Anarchist mates are out of the loop. Why you ask? Well to put it bluntly these groups are just fronts for the New World Order. Not only do these self described Radicals mix with Capitalists they also have a working relationship with Law Enforcement and High Ranking Zionists in the Australian Legal Professions. (Not very radical hey?)

Jewish Founder of FDB and @ndy's best mate Mathew Henderson Hau hanging with Justice Kirby. Radical man

One only has to look at the modern day Peace Movement or the Left to see that they have painted themselves into a corner. Many of the founding members and key activists of the Communist Party and other Radical Left Wing Groups in Australia just so happen to be Jewish. For this reason alone modern day Left Wing Activists can not criticize or question many parts of the New World Order or Israeli Imperialism for fear of upsetting their Jewish leaders.

Now you can’t blame these people entirely for this situation. How were they to know? Without going too far into it the modern day left are fed a continuous line of, the Evil Fascists are the enemy and any questioning of the Jews or Zionist role in Globalist Politics is nothing but Anti Semitism and Racism. Sadly they have been silenced.

Now it’s one thing to disagree on Politics but it’s another to hate an opposing belief because of Propaganda. Screaming “Nazi out” and “Hate speech is not free speech” to silence anyone who has the guts to point out Zionist crimes just doesn’t cut it, especially when many from the Left and the Right agree on certain beliefs. Calling the opposing Political group “Fascist’s” when indeed the name calling activists are acting more like Fascists is Hypocrisy at its best.

The actions of a very small minority of Zionist puppets can not be seen as the actions of the Left in general. The bottom line is that the system can ill afford these groups to co-exist.

Many Right Wing activists over the past few years have spoken with “The Other Side” and have noted we have certain beliefs that we all agree on (After all both sides claim to be Socialist at heart). The other thing we have in common is Government Agents. The Right is well known for its Jewish run Nazi networks and Main Stream Zionists the Left for its Jewish Radical Antifa networks, all working for the same cause and for the same outcome. CONTROL.

Once you control the Left and Right Radicals you can deploy them how you like. You can use the Right to stir up racial tension and or embarrass White Folk not to question and you can control the Left in what it has to say about the State of Israel or Zionist influence around the world.

He or she who screams loudest rules the day. Australia has its fare share of loud mouths on both sides. The media love them. The Government love them. The system owns them. The cooler heads on both sides never get the chance to have their voices heard because of the sabre rattling from the State agitators inside.

The Australian Radical Left when not out saving the environment are out working for the State. Attacking the Right in a ritual that begun with Stalin’s Purges. The tradition started back then and is carried on today in the exact same way. It has nothing to do with Left or Right beliefs but State Sponsored Harassment of either side. Just depends on who is questioning our masters.

Yet it’s not only the Left that do this. During the Cold War the Right worked in exactly the same manner. The fact is that the state will never allow Left Wing Ideology nor Right Wing. They will only allow democratic Dictatorships and the useful idiots from both sides who they control.

Australia is a great example of Zionist spin doctoring. The Radical Antifa in this country depends on crimes and or antics from overseas to fuel resentment towards White Australian Nationalists. Of course every now and then the Right will provide one of its own useful idiots to stir up tension between the Left and the Right. Anyone who was around during the Cold War will recall the same thing happening to the Left. Time and time again it turns out that the Media clowns who are offered up are just State Assets that have outlived their use by date.

In the end the real activists of both sides will never be heard. The State Agents on both sides will always control the activists. That is until both sides can take control. Now I can’t tell the Left what it should do, but I can advise the Right.

Our weakness and strength is our love of our people and our need to be a Nationalist. These beliefs are used by the State when ever they can. In the past few years it has been the Islamic threat. As real as it is in all Western Countries at this stage we have to look at the big picture. We have to see how our movement is being used by the State to create tension. The riots in Britain are a great example. For every WN or Zionist WN demo they have against Islam you can bet the common Folk on the outside become more and more frustrated. The Islamic youth call for Jihad and the White youth join the army to fight the great Crusade. It is mutually assured destruction. Both sides are being manipulated.

In the past 20 years Australia has had to accept more and more Muslims as refugees, all fleeing Zionist aggression. We have witnessed a mass exodus of Muslims so Israel can secure its boarders. With the support of the Christian Church in America we have seen our Men and Women sacrifice their lives so they, the Christian Zionist can bring forward the Second Coming of their Saviour. Yes folks these people who put so much weight in a book that was written by Jew’s thousands of years ago are being taken in by the King of all Snake Oil Salesmen the Zionists. They must laugh their arses off at us.

Our own people who at times criticize the Mass Media for being under Zionist control still fall victim to the Zionist PR machine. The ones who do not are instantly attacked by our fellow travellers with accusations of going soft on the Arabs. They are called Nazi’s by the Left and the Right. Why? Because the “Nazi’s” know who is pulling the strings. The Government instantly sends out its agents from the Left and the Right. All types of misleading information is thrown about to destabilise and the Left are given a free hand to attack.

On the right the weapon they use is called Main Streaming. It subjects its followers with a never ending stream of “just don’t use the J word”. On the Left they call it “Anti Fascism”. In the end both modes are set up to protect the State and its Globalist agenda.

Nationalists need to start to think about what’s in it for them by supporting Main Stream politics. Should they be supporting the very thing that has given us, Anti Terrorism Laws, Multiculturalism, the Destruction of the Family Unit, death and destruction?

None of our problems can be solved while we are all chained to the State. Ask yourself this. If by some miracle Australia took control of its borders and who could come here, do you really think Israel would gladly take back all the Refugees it has sent us? Do you think all those nice Peace Loving Jewish Lawyers and Left Wing Socialists will pack their bags head back to Israel to help the returning Refugees settle back into their Homelands?

As long as the Right has Zionist’s in its ranks and the Left has its Jewish radicals stirring up crap between us it will be very difficult to succeed. It’s time to think outside of the box. White Folk must stand on their own two feet. We cannot accept help from anyone. We must fight this battle alone for our own survival and our existence. To win we must be aware of all the influences that affect us. Ignoring the biggest issue Zionism, is like having a shower with a rain coat on.

The bottom line is that we as White Nationalists should never seek comfort or support from any of our enemies. We stand alone in this battle. But let’s fight this battle with both hands. We must go into this with a common goal and a full understanding of the tactics of the enemy. The survival of our culture and our people is our priority, what the others do is of no consequence to us. We must lead by example.

We must let other way ward people such as the Left find out for themselves that dealing with the Devil will only lead to the enslavement of their minds and in the end their movement.

Just in case members of the Left who read this blog need a reminder on who is involved in the Anti Racist/Anti Fa movement read this one more time. HERE

Lets not forget its @ndy now who runs FDB.


National Anarchist said...

This is by far one of the best articles I have read from the White Nationalist perspective in a very long time. Keep up the good work Whitelaw, you guys are at the forefront of the evolution of the old "right-wing" White Nationalism in to a new, more revolutionary form.

Our fight is against the system, whether you're left or right, it is the common enemy of global capitalism and imperialism that we are all up against.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Ohh shucks. Yeah mate its a different game. For us to survive we must change to keep pace. Change does not mean forgetting our core beliefs nor should it mean working with any of our enemy.

But we must start planning for our future. Simply saying Fire up the ovens isn't going to change anything to soon.

A Radical WN party that will appeal to any White who wishes to live as free race is what is needed. Oh and you NA guys of course :)

The clock is ticking and we are running out of time. We have no time for compromise we must put all our energy into having a voice once again.

Sitting around waiting for the end is not an option. Nor is full on conflict. My children deserve something better than a world in flames.

Anonymous said...

Precisely done WhiteLaw.....They're all "Zionists" and the entire world their 'Israel', with no place for the other except as slaves and property.

This section from Hoffman's 'Judaism Discovered' shows that Tikkun Olam has nothing to do with including non-Jews in the apparently repaired world, but everything to do with our cultural and actual destruction. The paragraph is said to be derived from Yesaiah Tishbi's " The Therory of Evil and the Satanic Sphere in Kabbalah".

Corrective commentary from the "Anarchist" and FDB are welcome if such material is deemed to be interpretted out of context.

Quote from Judaism Discovered pp 774- 775

" Souls of non-Jews come entirely from the female part of the Satanic sphere. For this reason the souls of non-Jews are called evil.....The Messianic age of restoration and redemption (tikkun olam) forecast by the religion of Judaism and spoon fed to their partisans among the Goyim, posits a world restored to universal harmony and justice. That's the cover story , @ndyway. The truth is somewhat more macabre as Tishby relates: ' the presence of Israel among the nations mends the world, but not the nations of the does not bring the nations closer to holiness, but rather extrcts the holiness from them and thereby destroys their ability to exist....The purpose of the full redemption is to destroy the vitality of all the peoples.'"

Hence Multiculturalism, family, racial and cultural destruction, debauchery of innocence, criminalising the search for truth as a Hate Crime, and the existence of "FightDemBack ???????" a Rosemaries Baby born of the syphillytic loins of the BnaiBrith. The pursuit of “Chosen-ness” and magnificence achieved by destroying the existence of the other just as the Evil Queen did with Snow White.

As the interpretively inverted Jeremy Moans whined at least once, the Jews are indeed the exisential enemy of the Gentiles. His forked tongue actually whispered “mankind”, but the dumb Goyim don’t realise that they are not included in “Mankind”.....We are deemed to be soulless animals by the can be seen in their own words.

Yet the Jew courageously whines to us about “Hate speech” even as the Jew slithers about our world with its whispers and deceptions while it identifies by the very inventive quintessence of prejudicially codified, exclusivist and concentrated “hatred” of the other.

"FightDemBack" Funny Stuff that.

Ghost Of Vinnitsa said...

Essentially, any group, including any political movement, which defines itself primarily by what it is against rather than what it actually stands for is a lost cause. The very reason for the AntiFa’s existence is thereby negative and reactionary rendering it reliant on a visible and provably real threat.

The absence, defeat and/or withdrawal of the stated threat then becomes, ironically, ultimately undesirable as the group needs the bogeyman to maintain credibility, motivation, purpose and, most important of all, funding to fight the good fight.

This is why we see everyone from the ADL through to FDB resorting to demonising, slandering and vilifying of even some of the most the most benign, poorly resourced or disorganised of individuals or groups as dangerous ‘Racists’, ‘Fascists’ or ‘Neo-Nazis’.

This inbuilt redundancy is an unavoidable design fault and ensures the ultimate failure of all AntiFa elements but also, sadly, explains the vicious and often violent desperation with which they attack their named enemies.

In some cases this desperation may even manifest in acts of ‘self harm’ such as Anti-Semitic graffiti and Synagogue vandalism being perpetrated by Jews themselves to justify government (read: Taxpayer) funded aid to ‘combat hate’ or Leftists spray painting neighbourhoods with swastikas and other so-called Nazi symbolism and slogans.

The first suspect of any arson for example is, more often than not, the property owner themselves and quite rightly so. We are dealing with a ruthless and totally unprincipled enemy without honour. Do not make the fatal mistake of engaging them on our own rules. We must fight them with their own weapons, tactics and strategies.