Monday, October 19, 2009

Useful Idiots Inc

"Duh! I put an Anti-Nazi sticker on the wall of this hateful Fascist, White Supremacist club even though the Indian door man said he would like to bash me for being such an idiot. I wear a baseball cap, but I've never played baseball. I wear it sideways to show respect for my Black 'brothers' down in the ghetto even though they'd kill me on sight for my running shoes. I'm intellergunt. Duh!"
'ello, 'ello, 'ello! What's all this then? Would that be a 'No Nazis' sticker adhered to the front wall of the Petersham RSL Club during the AntiFa 'protest' against the Sydney Forum? Does this constitute 'Malicious Property Damage'? I'm sure the apprentice lawyer Mathew Henderson-Hau aka 'Darp' would be more than happy to tell us all about the fearful ramifications of such an act and the way the 'full weight of the law' will fall upon the perpetrators etc ... had it been a White Nationalist sticker, that is...
Now FDB are ALWAYS banging on about the (claimed) absurdity of White Nationalists simultaneously advocating the benefits of Third Reich style National Socialism AND supporting Patriotic organisations like the RSL purely on the grounds that the Australian Armed Forces fought the Germans in World War Two.
Why then do they conveniently avoid any mention of the fact that those same Australian Armed Forces fought in several conflicts, not one but SEVERAL, against International Socialism/Communism?
The Malayan Emergency for example where the Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces joined the British and others in a counter insurgency operation against the Malayan Communist Party and the so-called Malayan Races Liberation Army.
How about the Korean War where the opposition also included the Chinese and Russian Communists?

What about the Vietnam War where, yet again, the Aussies fought against Chinese as well as Vietnamese Communists?
What about Borneo?
Are those examples enough or do these twits need more?

These pea-brained dimwits who call themselves 'Progressive Liberals' or 'Social Democrats' or ' New Labour' or 'Socialists' or 'Anarchists' or ...whatever...they are all the same brand of fools whose brain chip was manufactured in the same evil factory by the Zionist / Communo-Capitalist / Khazar Supremacist hate machine.

Even if everything the victors of World War Two, their approved and anointed historians and their propaganda machine in Hollywood says about how many deaths the German Third Reich was responsible for WAS true it pales into utter insignificance when compared to the death toll of Marxist Communism yet we hear virtually NOTHING from the so-called 'Progressive Left' in genuine criticism and where we ask are all the Hollywood dramas?
And for those of you who were not aware of the sheer terrifying scale of the Human tragedy that is Marxism/Socialism/Communism here are some very chilling statistics to mull over...

Communism World Tour

Russia – (1917 – 1991) Body Count – 62,000,000
Albania – (1945 – 1991) Body Count – 100,000
Bulgaria - (1945 – 1990) Body Count – 222,000
Czechoslovakia - (1945 – 1990) Body Count – 65,000
Yugoslavia - (1945 – 1992) Body Count – 1,072,000
East Germany - (1945 – 1990) Body Count – 70,000
Poland – (1945 – 1989) Body Count – 22,000
Hungary – (1945 – 1989) Body Count – 27,000
Romania – (1945 – 1989) Body Count – 435,000
Ethiopia – (1974 – 1991) Body Count – 1,343,610
Afghanistan – (1978 – 1992) Body Count - 1,750,000
Mozambique – (1975 – 1990) – Body Count - 700,000
Angola – (1975 – 1992) Body Count – 125,000
Yemen – (1969 – 1990) Body Count – 1,000
Mongolia – (1924 – 1992) Body Count – 100,000
Cambodia – (1975 – 1987) Body Count – 2,627,000
Vietnam – (1945 - ?) Body Count – 1,670,000
Korea - (1948 - ?) Body Count - 3,163,000
China – (1949 - ?) Body Count – 73,237,000
Tibet - (1951 - ?) Body Count - ?
Laos - (1975 – ?) Body Count – 56,000
Cuba - (1959 - ?) Body Count – 73,000


Anonymous said...
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GI Jane said...

The RSL had a 'no communists' policy for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

The slippery Pricks at FDB would have us believe that the Fallen who are remembered at the Memorial Courtyard of the AWM fought for Multiculturalism and the engineered destruction of their own people via this mechanism. Check out the names, they are nearly all of European origin.
The Kike will wheel out the name of Sniper Billy Sing for its purposes….We cannot know what Billy Sing actually thought, but would he approve of the fact that he was unwittingly involved as an innocent in the machinations of the malevolent Jew ?
If only they knew that they have been betrayed by the lies of the BnaiBrith and its lackeys.
The Jew detests all forms of Gentile Nationalism for the simple reason that it renders Jews irrelevant and proves their religion and themselves to be fraud…..
We do not need them at all…This is why they must necessarily foist themselves upon us through LAW and why the Quoit Kisser “DARP” seeks the “law” as his Chosen methodology of infliction by proxy.
Piss off out of our lives Kikes and Much Chosen elsewhere. (or Jew)

"A prig is generally a passive-aggressive, instigating fights rather than partaking of them. The prig is a survivor and will unconsciously attach to any group that seems to further their prospects."

Jews are the quintessential infiltrators and collaborative fair weather "friends" of convenience in the manner of Grima WormTongue.

As Mohammed Mahatir said and what many others instinctively know, 'They get others to fight and die for them.'

Anonymous said...

I will be going after Chabad Lubavich in my neck of the woods soon.

Knowing my leftist/communist Brothers and Sisters as I do, I'm sure their will absolutely NO PROBLEMS getting a HUGE Rally going to protest the HATE, RACISM and INCITEMENT TO HOMIDIDE that is "Chabad Lubavich" and their merry band of Ultra Orthodox body organ smugglers, drug money launderers and wife beaters.

I expect that the local Perth jewish community will be out in FULL FORCE to help me protest these foul pigs who have been calling openly for the mass slaughter of Arabs for years with remarks such as..."wage war the jewish way! Kill men, women and children. Destroy their holy sites".

Seeing as the ANTI racist and ANTI haters such as Stanley Elliot Keyser, Timothy John Peach and Danial Ari Lazareth spend so much time playing bongo drums at Chabad House at 396 Alexander Drive, Morley - they should all know the way there.

There needs to be a focused and targeted campaign against EVERY filthy racist, homicidal pig Chabad house on this planet. I am fully expectant of a HUGE dose of support from the local jewish community who i'm sure would NEVER countenance such racist pig loons being on their doorstep claiming brotherhood.