Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We’re Alive!

“Is it the look in my eyes that scares you to death or the fact I’m so real?” Max Resist

You know there’s an old saying, particularly in certain political circles, that goes something like “The worse things get the better they are (for us).” And you know what? Those words have never been as true as in the last year or so. With apologies to the late, great Mark Twain we’d like to say that the rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Over the past five or six years our enemies of the Khazar sponsored Red Left have penned a lengthy series of premature obituaries. In fact we’ve been written off more often than Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ has had colonic irrigation and scrotal depilation, and that’s saying something Folks.

But the Great Aryan Spirit is certainly still alive. It’s been battered and beaten down and ground into the dirt but it still refuses to die. It is a massive credit to our Folk that, despite all the cowards, losers and traitors of our Race aiding and abetting our mortal enemies, the noble spark of White European genius and creativity is still with us. Remember folks, even the greatest conflagration, the mightiest, sweeping, raging firestorm, starts with only one, little spark!

Even the mightiest and most dedicated of warriors can despair at the seeming lack of progress in a long and hard fought campaign and the fear of failure is ever present but what marks our White Nationalist warriors apart as particularly resilient is their staunch refusal to surrender despite the ceaseless barrage of media lies, harassment, blackmail, vilification, stalking, phone tapping, computer hacking and constant, both covert and intrusive, criminal surveillance by our ZOG sponsored adversaries.

But, you know, our enemies have made the greatest and most fatal mistake any opponent can ever make and this will seal their doom. They have not only underestimated the sheer degree of our resolve but have so comprehensively overplayed their hand that they are now virtually out of ammo. They have smashed the walnut to a pulp with their sledgehammer yet still we are here. It must drive them absolutely crazy! You see, when you leave an enemy with no options, as they have with us, then you are faced with someone desperately fighting for their very existence and most importantly of all, with little or nothing left to lose on a purely selfish and personal level.

All true warriors already know this. We made that choice. When you join up for the War of Racial Survival you are already dead. In effect, let's face it, we are all Dead Men walking, having already laid our lives down for our children and all the future generations of, yet unborn, White Folk. We are merely links in the chain. But they can only kill you once and it has to be done quite carefully and cleverly so as not to make martyrs of us so all the pressure is actually on them.
Seriously Folks, just how many more clumsy Mossad 'car crashes' can they have before even the dullest of the Lemmings starts to ask questions?

As they say in the classics, we’re in this for the species!

And a final message?

Never, ever, EVER, let the bastards grind you down!

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Anonymous said...

"Teribus ye teri odin
Sons of heroes slain at Flodden
Imitating Border bowmen
Aye defend your right and common"