Monday, October 26, 2009

What the Hell are they doing to us?

As many would have seen over the past few days the United States Government is all systems go vaccinating its citizens against the Swine Flu. The Cable News Networks are full of footage of hundreds and thousands of Americans lining up for vaccinations.

Well folks watch these videos. Then ask yourself, what the hell is going on.


Ghost Of Vinnitsa said...

Very informative video but I just could not believe how absolutely bored and disinterested the observers appeared. The learned Man's passion was more than matched by their yawning contempt for his message of truth.Honestly people this is the kind of thick headed willing ignorance, we as thinking people,are up against. It can be very disheartening and sadly convince many of the futility of even trying to wake the sheeple up.

Jane said...

There are studies here which I read in the mid 90's that made me choose not to get my child vaccinated for DPT (diptheria, tetanus, pertussis). In tandem with this choice I then breast-fed my child on demand until the age of 2 years.
I think these things need to be considered together - the fact that antibodies are passed from mother to child via breastfeeding and the fact that there are enough studies which show a causal correlation between the DPT vaccination and cot death. This is just ONE of the many vaccinations that result in weird diseases/death. It just happens to be one I was alerted to by a Dr Giselle Cooke in Sydney not long after my child was born....I therefore researched the area.
I urge all people to not ever accept the mandates of government - EVER!

Jane said...

I noticed that too Ghost - and I totally agree - it's very disturbing.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes Ghost of Vinnitsa they have all had their shots.

Jane said...

It's not just's drug use too - state sanctioned drug use.
I had a woman at the gym today tell me I should have some valium (seriously, she wasn't joking) because I was annoyed when she put her things on top of my towel, water bottle and watch that were off to the side of the room. There was plenty more space and yet she had to dump her stuff on top of mine!
She probably did it because she's in a state of stupor as she's taking anti-depressants or something.
I told her I'm anti drug use and that I come to the gym partly as a healthy method of relieving tension. She looked at me blankly.