Thursday, October 29, 2009

What’s in a word?

Well, we’ve had ‘Illegal Immigrant’ and ‘Asylum Seeker’ and ‘Refugee’ and ‘Boat Person’ but none of them were quite anaemic, vague or misleading enough for the Red Left, so in their never ending quest to minimise the perception of the destructive effects of illegal immigration they have invented yet another new term.

Yes Folks, the latest, lame arse, apologist term from the lexicon of insipid liberalism is, wait for it, ‘Undocumented Migrants’.

This totally bogus label is quite deliberately misleading from the start. It already assumes the person is some form of ‘migrant’. It’s there in the term itself.

Well, this got the Folk here at Whitelaw Towers to thinking about some other terms we could apply that word ‘Undocumented’ to.

So, to the cries of “No one is illegal!” here are a few other instances where this term might apply.

Disqualified Car Drivers are no longer ‘Unlicenced’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Defective or Non Registered Vehicles are no longer ‘Unregistered’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Gun toting gangsters are no longer ‘Criminal Unlicenced Firearm Holders’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Fake or struck off Doctors are no longer ‘Unlicenced Medical Practitioners’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Phoney University Professors falsely claiming credentials like Degrees or Diplomas are no longer ‘Illegal Charlatans’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Vicious, stray dogs are no longer ‘Dangerous and Unregistered Animals’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

A totally unqualified person piloting a Boeing 747 Jet Airliner is no longer ‘one highly dangerous muthaphucker who needs locking up’.
He’s merely…
...yep… guessed it…

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