Thursday, November 19, 2009

92% of Sydney Radio Listeners think 911 stinks.

I suppose its true the more powerful you are the harder the fall. This seems to be the case lately. The way we see it, the Neo Cons and the Zionist are starting to look a little battered and bruised of late. That makes them very dangerous. This tends to mean that a lot more of us are going to get killed. Lets think, Iran maybe?

Some of our long time readers and many of the old White Nationals who have been around awhile will recall the battering a certain Queensland White Nationalist got from Fight Dem Back and their media whore Greg Roberts of The Australian.

Now this individual in 2005 attempted to warn the good citizens of Toowoomba of the dangers of flooding South East Queensland with African refugees. He was hounded and persecuted by Jewish Left wing extremists groups and the corrupt media. In an attempt to prove to the world that he must be crazy they reported in The Australian that he believed that 911 was an inside job. I think from memory he had claimed that the CIA had prior knowledge and had done nothing to prevent it. That makes him racist and a conspiracy nut. Nice mix hey.

Well what do you know? 92% of the listeners who voted in a poll after the interview also believe that something is very wrong. I suppose the next step is to now label the good folks in the 911 Truth Movement NAZIS or Anti Semites.

Oh hang on they already have. Funny how it works.

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