Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well folks here it is. Mike Delaney from faces the ADL and the FBI. Now have a look at this FBI guy. He is dead inside, rather creepy in fact. Also note the behavior of the Jewish ADL representative with the FBI agent. Now ask yourself who owns the United States?

Activism people. This is the real thing. People like Mike Delaney, Brendon O'Connell we thank you and salute you.


Eithne said...

Thank you Mike Delaney!
Your courage, tenacity and integrity give us hope!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Mike...leading by example.

Anti-Defamation League Of B'nai B'rith:

Anonymous said...

Here's a question.

If Delaney knows all this stuff, and if he's really got evidence that connects Jews to 911 and if he's making DVDs of his little movie to show people the supposed truth, with clips from Fox Jews to boot, why hasn't this Mossad silenced him yet?
I mean, it wouldnt be a hard thing to do now would it? If these almighty Jews can pull off 911, they can pull off Mike Delaney now cant they?

Or maybe Mike Delaney just a fool.

1. a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense.

Whitelaw Towers said...

So anon because Mike hasn't been killed everything he has said must be false.

Here is your answer, go and do the research yourself. When its finished show us what you have come up with. If you get bumped by the Moosad we will know you are onto something.

Now I hope that you have thousands of people following your progress. You are going to need people to miss you if you go missing.

At the end of the day anon Im sure you will get your wish soon enough. Once the world starts to listen to all of us evil racist Nazi's, Im sure a few examples will present themselves.

Lone Wolf said...

If you've never heard the clip when Delaney called into the Alex Jones' radio show, and kosher Jones went ballistic, you've got to dial that up. Classic.