Friday, November 20, 2009

The APP Hate List grows bigger.

Oh by the way this is not a whispering campaign its bloody fact. Here we go.

Jesus wept, for a Nationalist Group who claim to be fighting for a White Australia they sure do like attacking REAL White Nationalist at home and overseas. Who this time do you ask? Well the Folk from the Nationalist Alternative. No one is safe not even the guys who have helped them.

You see folks over the past 24 months Darrin Hodges and other NSW Australian Protectionist members have been hard at work meeting with other WN groups blowing wind up their arse asking them to join. Hell Darrin Hodges even participated in a march with the National Anarchist.

Above Darrin Hodges with mask. " Hey my Anarchist brothers and sisters, I will stand with you sign this form." Here is a nice comment from Darrin's sock puppet talking about the Nationalist Alternative.
"You would'nt be pointing to a group of people who wore masks" and "they like to talk tough,but all they are is an excuse to hide,and not take any risks,like APP and the BNP do."

But as soon as the APP discover that these groups do not play the Zionist Shell game they turn on them with a vengeance. I have no idea what has happened between them and the Nationalist Alternative but I figure things have gone south on that relationship also.

Member of the APP forum and NSW blow hard
Saxon. (hey whats your real name you hard man you)

"Thanks Nathan,but where's oz,with all his other "more active groups".
Seriously where are they,who are they,what are they doing ? I know who he is talking about,"

Interesting this is in response to an
ex forum member making this comment about APP activism.

"The only time ive heard of leafletting done for the APP was by members of another Nationalist group (remaining un named) that put out leaflets on the APPs behalf. I talk to a lot of people from a lot of different groups and the question is always asked, "what exactly are they doing?"."

Yes good question young activist what are they doing? I suspect the other group he is talking about is a very active group of Nationalists from the Nationalist Alternative. These people over the years have been tireless supporters of many Political WN groups and Non Political WN orgs. You see folks they even handed out APP material. Check out the big thank you from NSW APP.

"and some of them are well meaning,but there scared of there own shadows,
they have secret meetings and play at being more hard core than APP, what they don't grasp is you can't build a mass movement,and win power by hideing"

Nice hey? You wouldn't know it but he also has a crack at another NSW group of very long standing who wish to do their own thing. I wont mention who they are but needless to say they do what they do for their own reasons. Do you blame them? Look at what happens when you mix with these Kosher Israel first types.

You see I know and have met these people this prick is talking about. They hide their identity for reasons I will not discuss. They don't brag online about what they do they just do it. One thing these groups all have in common is that they are some of the most active members of the WN community. But this bloody idiot has no idea because he is not a White Nationalist.

"And how dare they bag Darrin,who has more guts than all of the spineless time wasters put together."

Oh ok. Now say that after Darrin takes his fist out of your butt you puppet. How dare anyone say anything about Australia's own Kosher Clown. I bet you will be the first one to get an all expenses paid holiday to Israel.

"One of these "more active" under the radar groups [all hideing] told me they could'nt join APP because we were soft on the jews",

Soft on Jews you are kidding. The brave man you speak of (Hodges) was a member of the Jewish Task Force forum. A Militant Zionist Forum run by a convicted JEWISH Terrorist.

"and they could'nt be in a group that did'nt attack zionism and we were to soft on race,not forth right enough for there high moral standards..,"

Maybe they are suggesting that the APP spend to much time attacking White Nationals. Is this for real? Seriously people jump onto Storm Front Down Under. Go back to 2005, 2006, 2007 and see what a bloody disaster it was because of pricks like this. The same shit different forum. The same people different user names.

"well fair enough i thouht if you take a stand like that,that's your choice,"

Ok so whats the problem.

"then they produced some stickers of there own,and guess what,no mention of jews,zionism,or race,they picked "safe issues" that they new would bring no heat on them,"

You piece of shit. Even the most ardent Anti Zionist in the White Nationalist community still have to talk about every day issues. You know Bread and Butter issues. In fact the Nationalist Alternative kindly sent me a stack of stickers to put out. Oh I'm out by the way. These stickers are of very high quality and are directed at the Uni Type. Stickers that say things like Save Water cut Immigration or Radical Autonomous Resistance are a great example of how to direct your beliefs and target a certain audience.

This idiot really believes that if you question Zionism you wear a Nazi uniform and have no other opinions on any other issues. Sounds like he has been reading to many Bnai Brith News Letters.

"the sad truth is they don't between them have the courage that Darrin has in his little finger".

More proof that this guy lives a sheltered life. He has no idea what he is talking about. Hodges is an informer a dog a Christian Zionist a LIAR and a turn coat. He sure as shit aint a hero. He has attacked and smeared The National Front Britain and New Zealand, Australia First, The National Anarchists, The Aryan Guard, Blood and Honour, Volks Front, Southern Cross Hammer Skins, Crew 38, White Separatist Churches and hundreds upon hundreds of White Nationalists. In fact I am still amazed that any of you are still able to talk.

But we all know why Hodges is still walking and talking now don't we. Because he is not a brave man as you have suggested. If anyone was to front him and give him a BITCH slap he would run off to the Police like a little girl or an Anarchist/State Agent. We all know why you are still shooting your mouth to. Because you hide behind a user name on a computer.

"so they play games and kid themselves that they have "moral" reasons for not being in the real fight,and dare to put Darrin and others down,they should be ashamed of themselves."

You sir are a complete MORON. You speak of things thankfully you have no idea about. The only fight you are in is Divide and Conquer. I somehow get the feeling that this guy has a copy of Nick Griffins Handbook on "How to deny everything and kill a movement". You see folks these guys are trying to transplant the BNP into Australia.

Here is tip champ. Sucking up to Israel will not work. They are onto you lot. Have a geek at this. This was in the Brisbane Times Oct 28 this year.

Israel's public relations problem in Britain, which is already severe, has just got significantly worse.

Over the past few weeks, the Jewish state has been publicly endorsed by two particularly controversial members of the far right.

Firstly, Nick Griffin, leader of the racist British National Party, which currently accepts only white people as members, declared that his was the only party to support Israel in its "war against terrorists" during Operation Cast Lead.

So do you guys think you are smarter than the Mossad? The only people who are being used is the BNP and obviously the APP. When they are done using these two groups to divide the Nationalist cause they will hang the lot of them out to dry. By that time we will all be doomed.

"I have seen another thread here about what the British NF thinks of Griffin, who cares what that bunch of time wasters think, why are they not with the BNP ?" Answer you bloody idiot for all the same reasons they will not join the single issue APP. "and they could'nt be in a group that did'nt attack zionism and we were to soft on race,not forth right enough for there high moral standards..,"

"Why are they not with the BNP" is it because they don't like success ?"

No because they are White Nationals with principles. Have you ever met a real WN? You have your answer anyway
"and they could'nt be in a group that did'nt attack zionism and we were to soft on race,not forth right enough for there high moral standards..,"

The NF failed,what have they to offer but more failure ?

Crap. They are growing stronger each day as more and more WN leave the BNP. Take a tour of SF Britain you will see what I mean. Its time to pull your head out of Darrin Hodges arse mate and see what is really going on.

And it is high time we looked a bit closer to home for home grown time wasters,those here that oz talks of being" more active "than APP

We shall start with you. You have my complete attention. How dare you stand in judgement on the performance of the Australian Nationalist movement. You have no idea what is going on. You foolishly believe the enemy propaganda machine. You still think that the WN movement in Australia all wear Nazi uniforms and speak of nothing but the Holocaust.

The Right Wing Nationalist movement in this country has had to take on the roll of the traditional Left in Australia. We are the only ones who can speak out on so many issues because the Left and Dick Heads like you are so scared of upsetting the Zionist community.

It is you and Groups like the APP who have proven that they are incapable of any change what so ever. Groups like Australia First the National Anarchist and the Nationalist Alternative push the boundaries of traditional White Nationalism. This allows them to cover much ground when it comes to activism. They have vision you have Darrin Hodges. Keep him.

I would like for them to answer some questions that need answers, like what activism is it that they are doing,that is more productive than APP,

Mmm fishing for info now are we? Well if you don't know what others are doing here and in NZed you are asleep at the wheel. No you are just bloody stupid. What does Darrin do? Really what does he do? I know he doesn't hand out DVD's anymore about the Holocaust being a hoax.
I know he doesn't post on Storm Front Down Under anymore talking about the finer points of Fascism. I know he doesn't go around anymore claiming to be a National Socialist. I know that every group he has been involved in every forum he has been involved in has gone to shit. I know he has a track record of working with traitors and Zionist Jews. I know he spreads rumours and lies. I know he talks to the media about members of the Australian White Nationalist movement. I know he is a media whore.

You know how I know? Because I know him. I bet I know him better than you. Now call me a liar or make the same accusations that I have made about Hodges. See what happens. Hodges wont do a thing. Will he come after me? Will he make a public statement condemning me? Go on I dare you to make the same accusations that I have made about anyone from any of the groups you idiots attack. If you did you would be a LIAR. Why? Because all the dogs, traitors, slackers are all over at APP, save the few who are to gutless to speak out about your Chinese Whisper campaign and your Key Board warrior BS.

I'm calling you out sport. The White Nationalist movement world wide has had enough of little turds like you. You should thank your lucky stars that we haven't the time to bother trying to find out who you are. There is one thing worse than a Red that is a Zionist loving traitor. That will get even the mildest WN angry enough to hunt you down like a dog.

Funny this idiot thinks that if it aint in the paper it never happened. Now read this very carefully dick head. This why you never hear a peep on what real WN are doing HERE

from what i can see they seek anonimity and cover there faces in public places,(oops see pic above of the Heroic Hodges)and put up stickers late at night,with "safe slogans" on them,conpare this with what Darrin and twenty other brave Nationalists did in the most public place in NSW,with there recent demo.

Here we have it another LIAR. Count these people folks can you see twenty?

I mean i could march around in a padock in the middle of nowhere with a sandwich board on with the slogan,"white power" on it,

White Power? This guy watches to many re runs of Romper Stomper. Just who the hell do you think are you dealing with? How bloody old are you? This is 2009 wanker. White Power died with Rockwell. Its WHITE PRIDE, its the fact that white people are only 8% of the worlds population. We are hardly a power. We are survivors trying to save what is left of our people and culture. The more I read your crap the more I believe you are nothing but a Pommy Red working for Searchlight.

for twelve hours a day for a year,and then compare my self to Darrin and say,see i'm more active than Darrin,he's a waste of time, he only went to martin place for a few hours.

OK let me compare myself to Darrin. I was doing this stuff when this idiot was still in school. I was standing in the crowd at One Nation Meetings protecting members from violent demonstrators. I was buying Tony Pitts newspaper costing my family $100 a month and then handing them out for free. I have been doing this since 1989 non stop never giving in. I have worked Polling Booths for every State and Federal Election since 199o plus doing the scrutinising. I never miss a meeting with my Brothers and I have been fighting the reds at their game since 2005.

I have traveled thousands of km all over this great country to meet WN and participate in all types of activism. Including sorting wankers like you out. Oh and I never turned my back on my principles. One thing you better work out dick head. In the WN movement you touch one you touch all. Don't fuck with us.

Saying that I am surrounded by young and old who ALL do the very best they can for our Country and our people. Even as I speak WN are out there putting out flyers for a Non WN Brendon O'Connell. How dare you put that Israel first piece of shit in the category as the brave and courageous people I know and respect. For that alone I should kick the shit out of you.

That is what these people are saying, and i would like to hear from them why they won't take part in the real fight,in stead of there usual "wispering campaigns" against brave Natoinalists behind the scenes,

No whispering campaign I am YELLING THIS. Piss of and leave the White Nationalist Movement Alone. If you would to take this further I am happy to help. Darrin has my mobile give me a call lets hang out.

they have a chance to tell us all here how they are going to build a mass movement by hideing,

come on shadow dwellers let's here it,we know you watch the forum.

Again BULLSHIT. But you know what? I will sign up, lets see what happens. Can I say you invited me?

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Anonymous said...

It must be noted. Since this article was written it has been revealed that the member Saxon is none other than the leader of the APP Mark Wilson. What a fucking Jew loving fraud. Typical BNP member.