Monday, November 09, 2009

British National Front REMEMBRANCE DAY march.

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Hundreds of National Front members and supporters formed up in Brissenden Place, Victoria London on 8th November 2009 for the start of the annual March of Remembrance which has been held by the NF for 40 years. Members flocked there from all over the UK and a forest of Union Flags with those of Wales and Ulster led the march.

Chief Steward, Simon Biggs organised his stewarding corps and led off the march. Around 150 started out with more and more latecomers joining in until the numbers were over 200 by the time the march reached the Cenotaph where more members were waiting. Strong supporter presence was evident in all the pubs around Victoria

At the Cenotaph the flags were dipped for the two minute silence and three wreaths were laid. Tom Linden, with beret and campaign medal then gave a short speech honouring our war dead. As more supporters joined in the march that went a short distance to a rally addressed by Tom Linden, Simon Biggs and Eddy Morrison. Norman Tomkinson, National Treasurer then took up a healthy collection for central funds.

Thanks too to NF Deputy Chairman, Ian Edwards and his West London NF team for the back up with party van and flag delivery and collection. Good to see so many new areas represented and the YNF lads there too.

A great day and a sure sign of a revitalised and resurgent NF!

Congratulations to the British National Front.

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