Sunday, November 01, 2009

EDL. In Their Own Words

Well I guess the video says it all. We support Israel, we hate "Nazi's", we hate "Extremists". Sound familiar? I think Hodges has just been upstaged. Now I wonder who is pulling these strings? Need a hint?

I think David Duke sums up my feelings on all this.


Anonymous said...

oh dear

not more shabbos goy

Anonymous said...

"We urge police to keep a close watch on all white-supremacist and neo-Nazi groups in our midst. All reasonable Victorians, who celebrate our multiculturalism, will be opposed to their existence."

Or you won't get no "approvals" or fish lipped Kosher Kisses from us.

Another Pious Pharisaic Prig strains with indignation as he peristalts out a Kosher load onto the breakfast table

Who gives a Shite what you think sniveller Yidditor....If the Anglo/Celt Coppers knew what the Kikeastocracy and their Art Peddlin' Goblins were up to they'd be more likely be keeping a close Mr Plod eye on you treacherous Weezils.

There's likely a few of them out there that are not quite as dim as your Rabbid would have you believe.
They watch you lot quietly while you play "Chosen".

Can there be any place for Judaism in any society then ? Judaism is the codification of prejudicial malevolence....If none exists, then the Jews will create "Hatred" and discontent.....They thrive on it, and despite the effrontery of your protesting, indignant buffoonery you do indeed appear to be "The existential enemy of Mankind".

The question is this....Do the "Gentiles" need the "Jews" ?

They of course do not. We can administer our affairs, invent, create, discover, and find "God" with out one iota of your insipid influence. But what would that mean for the "Jews" ? It would prove you to be frauds and render you completely and utterly irrelevant....So you foist yourselves upon you do..then viciously whine when we identify and consequently reject you.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Well said mate

bushranger said...

It should be obvious to everyone by now that the EDL is a MI5 operation to attract useful idiots and act as a foil to the BNP.

It should also be known by eveyone that Mossad works closely with security services such as MI5, MI6 and our own resident stasi, ASIO.

Anonymous said...

"It should also be known by eveyone that Mossad works closely with security services such as MI5, MI6 and our own resident stasi, ASIO."

Oh, yes indeedy! Well pointed out Bushy. And according to latest reports the new Global police Force being put together by the U.N. and Interpol will also be headed by the butcher of Waco, a certain Ronald.K.Noble aka 'The Enforcer' who was responsible for the deaths of 76 people including more than 20 children and two pregnant women in the Branch Davidian Compound in April 1993.

All these craetures think they are like clever cats...they just bury their shit (or rather the Controlled Media does it for them) and think that's the end of it.

I bet even most White Nationalists would find this hard to believe but this tosser is about to become the Constable Plod of THE WORLD!

May the Lord have mercy on our souls.