Saturday, November 14, 2009

Judge not lest ye be judged thyself…

 Ms. Cotton Ward. The Jenny Craig Version and the McDonalds Version.

Oh, boys and girls, it just keeps getting better and better in the crazy whacked out world of the Loony Left. The self styled ‘lifestyle’ hack known as Cotton Ward who actually gets paid real money for writing ‘columns’ of crap is an absolute gift.

On behalf of all the good folk at Whitelaw Towers this writer would like to thank @ndy slackbastard for opening up this window onto entire new vistas of the Hellish Red Dystopia that we know generically as The Left.

It’s truly hilarious that this creature can have the temerity to sit in judgment of decent, moral White Nationalists and, without even knowing the facts, launch into the diatribe she posted about Chippendale on the Blog.

Below are a few quotable quotes taken from Cotton Ward’s ‘Fetish’ articles. You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

“I went to a dance party recently and the police were there for a few hours with sniffer dogs, continually doing walk-throughs and taking people aside for a frisking and checking through their bags even if the dog hadn’t spotted anything.”

“I was interested in the dynamics of a relationship with an authoritarian character” She needs to meet Old Uncle Victor.“The first time I heard X mention religion was when he discussed masturbating into a chalice, scatting on a crucifix and stuffing two communion wafers up a woman’s twat and then bonking her.”

Oh yes indeedy folks! That’s entertainment! For the squeamish and those with a sheltered life “scatting” means defecating. Did you get that? Dumping faeces on a crucifix! So ‘Piss Christ’ wasn’t enough for this perve he weaned himself off liquids and moved straight on to solids.Or if that’s not ‘out there’ enough for you then how about these two poofters who live in a permanent role playing situation of Dog and Master?

“I tend to push – I headbutt him for attention. I take the crop to him in my mouth if I want a good whipping.”Dog didn’t need any training. “I just showed hm where to eat, pee and sleep,” DaddySir says. “There’s a bucket on a mat where he pees. He has different barks and whines to let me know what he wants.”There are numerous pet accoutrements to enhance the role.For example, Dog has several sets of ball weights to make his testicles appear more dog-like.“They swing about and bounce with them on,” Dog says.“I often wear a 440g and 700g together when I’m at home. The 440g one fits under clothing so I can wear it to work.”Daddy Sir says the stretched effect “makes them an easier target for the riding crop”.

Blended in with all this stuff is the oh so predictable Anti-Christian stuff, you know, Pope on a rope Catholic bashing and the stuff twelve year olds think is cool and naughty. These Lefties never grow up in all the ways essential to normalcy in a moral and ethically healthy society. Sick just don’t cover it!

And, as the ultimate irony and illustration of the intense degree of hypocrisy that oozes from every pore of these sick lefties, here is what Cotton Ward said on the comments page of the ‘slackbastard’ Blog:

5 cottonwNov 9th, 2009 at 10:00 pm“The Nazis should all be outpatients at a local psychiatric unit. It seems like more of a mental problem than a philosophical orientation.”

This coming from a woman who, in her own words, has walked into nightclubs dressed in a burqua, of all things, allegedly to avoid paying the entry fee and being searched for drugs! Don’t believe it?

Follow this link:

It’s strange too, don’t you think, her total lack of 'judgmental comments' regarding the clearly sick and depraved ‘lifestyles’ of these deviants yet strangely she is so swift to criticise White Nationalists as being suitable cases for treatment.

We have yet to discover any criticisms from her for the true underbelly dwellers of this society.

White Nationalists are apparently mentally diseased yet ‘Queer Anarchists’ and desecrators of holy objects are really cool?

It is indeed a funny old world


Anonymous said...

Think I like the Chubby version the best.....The vacuous grin suggests its another low priced media whore..

The "Cotton Ward".....sounds like Nuthouse slang for a Kosher padded cell.

The Wranger's probably had more pricks than a second hand dart board.
Hope it doesn't breed for sakes of the kid.....Wherever the kid goes there'll be all manner of unsavory sorts gloating quietly to themselves over the fact that "I f***ed your Momma kid, and you'll never know...Sucko little fella."

Pull your head in Woman and respect the culture that you now so self centeredly seek to destroy.

Jane said...

Simply...she is foul and an insult to women.
It blows my mind that these people can put on a pretence of normality in public while behaving worse than animals in private!
Surely they're in a living hell.