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Jürgen Rieger 11 May 1946 - 29 October 2009 Outstanding service to the German Reich and Humanity

Source NorthWest Nationalists

A giant has fallen

On Saturday 24th October during an executive meeting of the party, the lawyer Jürgen Rieger, deputy chairman of the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany), suffered a stroke. Although a good companion took him straight to hospital his condition deteriorated rapidly. At the age of 63 years his short, violent struggle with death was lost on Thursday 29th October at midday.

With him a man departs who fought a life long for the cause of his people and home country. With him the national movement loses a lawyer who in more than 35 years service defended countless comrades in court and was able to celebrate many brilliant victories.

Goethe teaches us that where there is much light there is much shade. And he who stands high is the target not only of factual criticism, but often also of the envious holding grudges and personal enemies. Jürgen Rieger was a fearless and outspoken fighter for the cause. Especially also, since during the last years he dedicated himself to party policy which led to a polarization of differences. But when viewing the immensity of the achievements of such a man as well as when standing before the majesty of death all of this is insignificant.

The fire of the love of his native people and country burned in him so fiercely and brightly as in no other; so fiercely and brightly that it consumed him long before his time. The deadly blow caught him while still exercising his political office, in the duty which he imposed upon himself and for which he had dedicated his whole life. Long will his fame as lawyer and as political fighter rank high in our memory.

Our sympathy is extended to his children to whom he was an affectionate father.

A giant has fallen.

One of the great has departed from us.

Translated from an obituary by Christian Worch

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