Sunday, November 22, 2009

Left Wing BS goes into overdrive.

That should upset them?

I wonder what the Press Council will say to Greg Bearup after reading this BS.

Iconic Latin House in Marrickville burnt to the ground
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"Our spanish interpreter colleague advised last night this icon of 2 decades or more, favourite social point of diverse Sydney based South Americans, has burnt down 2 am yesterday Sunday 11 October 2009. The Casalatino as it's known is a social gathering point for Latin Australians from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay etc and this fire will be a big loss for them.

Casalatino is located within Addison Rd Centre in Marrickville as per this web page:"

Now who would do such a thing? Wait for it.....

Extreme Right arson claim in Casa Latino explosive fire in Marrickville NSW
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Following our post yesterday, a source at Addison Rd Centre - biggest community centre in Sydney if not Australia - suggests the 40th Anniversary of Che Guevara's death (and recent film?) was behind the fire bombing by extreme right wingers.

Those craft right wingers. Who could do such a thing?

We have another view of all this. A certain feature by Greg Bearup in The Sydney Morning Herald about 3 weeks ago featuring a certain Far Right political campaigner and ex convict based not so far away in Tempe. Are they connected, described by a political colleague as a 'voyeur of violence'? We wonder. It was a devastatingly good write up. Enough to create a motive for backlash?

Now who is looking to create a backlash? The Press Council are going to love this. Here is a link to Greg's Nazi Fantasy article that has him on the way to the Press Council. HERE

Truth be told it was us. We sent a message to the Nazi Headquarters on Mars and asked if they mind training their Death Laser down on Red Central. They must have got the coordinates wrong. Hell even Space Nazis get it wrong sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vic? What the Hell are you thinking? The Nazi Saucer Base on Mars is classified beyond Top Secret! As far as the Death Ray is concerned we neither confirm nor deny its existence. Now come on and get with the program Vic. One more time. Neither confirm nor deny and no more Mars talk ferchissakes!This message (hopefully) will self destruct within 15 seconds of receipt.

Anonymous said...

Those two bob gauchos blame everything on 'ze gringo' when anything bad happens. I saw the 'before' photo. That place had to be sixty or seventy years old, made of weatherboard, probably never had a zac spent on the wiring or any other maintenance for decades. Places like that burn down on a regular basis and it is almost ALWAYS an 'electrical fault'.Plus, the next obvious question is word.. insurance.