Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Make Love not War…or we will KILL you!

Taken from the Antifa Australia Site:

“We must extinguish even the smallest Nazi, fascist, and other ultra-nationalist fires! All oppressed people unite to remove discrimination and injustice in our international community! Workers UNITE! students UNITE! all races UNITE! all PEOPLE UNITE! SMASH NATIONALISM! SMASH ALL SELFISH IGNORANCE! UNITE TO EXTINGUISH THE COLD FLAME OF IGNORANCE! and let us ignite the warm flame of love, sweet love.”

The staff at Whitelaw Towers would like to assure our readers this is a genuine quotation from that site and has not been taken out of context or altered in any way apart from being extracted in its entirety from a piece regarding an upcoming street riot in Sydney. When this creature wrote this hysterical nonsense he did so with no apparent sense of irony or sarcasm.

Believe it or not, these ‘AntiFa’ really ARE that stupid. They quite literally can talk of denying people their sovereign rights to freedom of expression and association, and indeed of SMASHING them, in the same breath as promoting ‘unity’ and ‘love’!

To paraphrase a certain well known White Nationalist, they are either that utterly stupid or that chillingly EVIL. There can be no other option.

Obviously there can be no reasoning with these idiots, no debating, no exchange of ideas in an orderly and open forum. These creatures are shrill, hysterical and neurotically damaged morons.


Anonymous said...

Umm aren't the White Nationalists the oppressed people? Lets see the Government hate us the reds hate us the blacks hate us the Asians hate us the Jews hate us. We are sacked for our beliefs we are belittled by the media for our beliefs our culture is being taken away from us we are forced to live in a society that bans us from meeting and speaking freely ohh the list goes on.

Ghost of Vinnitsa said...

Actually, the most revealing phrase from the 'AntiFa' pea brain is the term 'international community'.

Is this yet another euphemism for multiculturalism or multiracialism?

It is all really designed to serve the agenda of the new world order anyway.

This useful idiot is marching in lockstep with the forces of global capital and doesn't even seem to know it.

Is he another small 'a' Anarchist like @ndy?

Whitelaw Towers said...

"Is he another small 'a' Anarchist like @ndy?"

Who knows? Seems @ndy is very quiet on all this. So is FDB by the way. I think this new kid and yes it is a kid is just fodder from the Zionist.

Here is some articles on him.

we have a real live one here. Let them escalate that seems to be the plan. We all know how it will end.

Anonymous said...

The Peanut sounds like a Rabbinical version of Achmed the Dead Terrorist..Instead, YidHood the Domestic Cultural Terrorist wails,

It is our duty to force the Goyim to accept Noachide Law, or "I Kill You"..

Seems that these DunderKlumpens in Dark Black Robes want us to idolise THEM above all other "Gods".

Anonymous said...

White nationalists oppressed? If you're white and can't score a well-paid job in Australia, then quite frankly you're just unemployable.

Whitelaw Towers said...

"White nationalists oppressed? If you're white and can't score a well-paid job in Australia, then quite frankly you're just unemployable."

WTF? Do you think we are talking about that? You haven't been listening now have you. Every WN I know has a job. Its the Left and the Anti's who are unemployable.

I think WN have bigger issues than keeping a job. The survival of our people and culture is what counts.