Sunday, November 22, 2009

More From The Ukraine Holocaust MkII

Folks, do yourselves a favour and get up to speed with what is happening right now to one of the Whitest nations on Earth and then ask yourselves why the ZOG Controlled Media of the West has gone with a virtual blackout on the entire affair.

Whitlelaw Towers believes it is all just another part of the ZOG plan to put Putin, a noted Fiercely proud Nationalist, back 'in his place' and set the scene for the final destruction of Russia as a World Superpower.

Without the Ukraine, Russia will lose not only huge amounts of real estate but all the manpower and technology that goes with it that makes it a major military Superpower. With a 911 type crisis, in the form of this Biological Warfare, the stage is also set for the declaration of Martial Law just prior to the elections crucial in electing Putin as President.

As far as ZOG is concerned Putinists = Nationalists = Nazis!

The struggle for control of the Ukraine could prove to be an even liklier ignition point for World War Three than Israel and The Middle East!

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