Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Front Britain. White Nationalists return to the fold.

Statement from the National Front UK HERE.

"We are pleased to announce that Steve Smith, the British patriot who masterminded
the first big electoral breakthrough in Burnley for the BNP has now become a member of the National Front. Steve, with his speaking, writing and organisational talents will be a great asset to the Movement. Steve has donated stocks of his book
"How it was done" which is a great handbook for younger Nationalists who want to know how to break through in their local areas. Welcome to the Front Steve!

I hope our Kiwi Comrades will see the growth of the National Front in the UK and get behind and support the New Zealand National Front. Onwards and upwards.

Support these No compromise Patriotic groups.

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Peter Watson said...

Has the Australia First Party been registered yet? I'll be handing out some leaflets for the Party here in Warwick in a couple of weeks time.