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@ndy and the Authoritarians...

As if we needed any more proof that @ndy slackbastard is even more confused than Scooby Doo, here is something from his site we missed earlier but that coincidentally ties in very closely to our own post on the Milgram Experiment. And no Folks, @ndy and the Authoritarians is NOT a new Punk Rock band...

Boing Boing: Authority
Published by @ndy November 25th, 2009 in Anti-fascism, State / Politics
Understanding the psychology of authoritarianism
Boing Boing
November 23, 2009

Mike sez, “Bob Altemeyer’s excellent book ‘The Authoritarians’ is online in full pdf format. It’s a result of 30+ years of research into what he calls ‘right-wing authoritarianism’- right in the sense of ‘might makes’ rather than ‘opposite of left’. It’s a fascinating explanation of how the minds of this subset of the population works- or in some cases, fails to: how they are able to assiduously apply double standards, fail to notice inconsistencies in their beliefs, justify abominable behavior, etc. Somehow, knowing that these people really, truly, can’t reason in the same way the majority of us can makes them a little less irksome, if not less frightening.”

I’ve read a couple chapters, and he’s a funny and engaging writer who seems to have a lot of experimental evidence to present. Good stuff.

The second reason I can offer for reading what follows is that it is not chock full of opinions, but experimental evidence. Liberals have stereotypes about conservatives, and conservatives have stereotypes about liberals. Moderates have stereotypes about both. Anyone who has watched, or been a liberal arguing with a conservative (or vice versa) knows that personal opinion and rhetoric can be had a penny a pound. But arguing never seems to get anywhere. Whereas if you set up a fair and square experiment in which people can act nobly, fairly, and with integrity, and you find that most of one group does, and most of another group does not, that’s a fact, not an opinion. And if you keep finding the same thing experiment after experiment, and other people do too, then that’s a body of facts that demands attention. Some people, we have seen to our dismay, don’t care a hoot what scientific investigation reveals; but most people do. If the data were fairly gathered and we let them do the talking, we should be on a higher plane than the current, “Sez you!”

The Authoritarians (Thanks, Mike!) [Thanks, L!]

So let’s get this straight and accurate. This Jewish career academic takes THIRTY YEARS to ‘prove’ what he already BELIEVED or rather wanted his STUDENTS to believe, that the so-called ‘Right Wing’ (a largely redundant term now anyway) has a monopoly on ‘Authoritarianism’. Astonishing! Amazing! And absolute unadulterated BULLSHIT!

Below is an extract from a post on the comments page of the ‘’ Website regarding Bob Altemeyer and other Jewish Academics spouting claptrap about ‘authoritarianism’ which puts it so succinctly:

“I read somewhere - don’t know if it’s true - that in Germany during the National Socialist period some academics, journalists, or some semi-official body once denounced Einstein’s Theory of Relativity(*) as “false Jewish science” which, if true, is of course a ridiculous and very sad thing for anyone to do. There is, however, a body of genuinely false Jewish science which Jewish academics shame themselves and Jews as a group to espouse. Adorno’s “rightwingers-are-pathological-authoritarians” theory is an example of it; another is the absolutely astounding “races don’t exist” claim (astounding because such an obvious falsehood on its face, as astounding as trying to claim two plus two equals five), essentially a Jewish-invented-and-promulgated brazen, sophistry-based lie first cooked up over a hundred years ago which Jews continue to push for whatever ethno-political reasons motivate them to do these things. Many top Jewish academics, such as Stephen Jay Gould, marked themselves indelibly and forever as academic charlatans by subscribing to this jaw-dropping purely politically-motivated sophistry.”

The ultimate irony of course is that Jews advance the agenda of so-called Anti ‘Racism’ legislation while simultaneously denying there is even such a THING as Race!?!?!!! Now THAT is a nice trick if, and so far they seem to have done it, you can get away with it.

If we are talking about irrefutable, immutable, incontrovertible FACTS then the hypocrisy and very selective ‘studies’ that underwrite the ‘findings’ in these works appear to conveniently ignore the authoritarianism of the Left as proven by any study of Communism or indeed the effect of Talmudism on ALL Jews regardless of whether they call themselves Orthodox, Progressive or Secular. There is no more ‘authoritarian’ tome than the Talmud. It is the Alpha and the Omega on Authoritarianism.


Anonymous said...

They're a slippery bunch WhiteLaw..
I've got this old book printed in 1958 called Races and People by Boyd and Asimov.

There's much discussion about physical differences which irrefutably do exist in the races, but nothing about entitlements and considerations to which a certain extra special people are been awarded as part of their racio/religious membership of a certain unmentionable pseudo "religion" of breathlessly vainglorious exeptionalist universalism. Ontologically that is. Or should that be Oncologically to those who are forced to suffer their predatory inflictions.

Curiously, there's not a single mention of the "Holocaust" in the entire book..Especially considering it was so fresh in the memory of the afflicted..

Why is it so ?

Anonymous said...

No one, not even himself, would have thought GrimaWormTongue to be an authoritarian figure..He got his way though, through whispering and granting poisonous approvals to those with an ear for his Jewplicity and flattery....

You'll rarely find the Jew working in the light of day...It prefers to work stealfully in secret hiding courageously behind "caring" causes as a mask to its malevolence.....The Existential Manifestation of Much Chosen Malevolent Magnificence in Mankind is an Kosher organism know as the BnaiBrith and its Puke Courage to Care Program.....The source and Machine code is masked by much fuzzy logic to do with helping cure "hatred" "prejudice" etcetera ad infinitim,,,DESPITE the FACT that its members have codified the distilled essence of these things as a "religion".......

They Hate you Goys and Shiksas,,,even if you kneel and lick their boots...In fact they hate you even more 'cause you're a sniveller like themselves, but not of the InSect and so not entitled to it priveleges as one of the Much Chosen members of the Persecution Complex of Ritual Self Abuse......

They yearn to be despised by Moral, Godly people, because they know that is what they deserve as Disciples of the Judas.

Anonymous said...

A Bit like the Three Stooges of the Kosher Anti-Fa Konnection..

@ndy, Barf and Weezil aka Gurly, Scarry and HoeMo.

Anonymous said...

It seems highly probable that FightDemBack and SlackBastard are aligned with the Holocaust enforcers...Both groups reference to the SouthernPoverty of Truth Center and the BnaiBrith as prosecutors of those Noachides who will not Kneel.

The only real Anarchists are those that seek the pure unadulterated Truth that exists without fear or favor. Only lies need enforcing and such enforcement attracts the weakest of personalities who define their perceptions of worth to society in the numbers of "suboordinates" whom they feel answer to themselves..

The religion of Judaism is fashioned precisely about this template of a "Chosen" people who are congenitally entitled to have others defer to a Kosher view of the world that will necessarily differ from the truth...

For this, the "Jews" may be accurately identified as frauds and impostors. In questioning their world view we apparently "defame" Jewish truth, because we do not fear it or favor it. It must therefore be a Lie.

Peter Watson said...

Ha mate,
What is the email address for Australia Calling