Monday, November 16, 2009

Need a bloody good laugh?

Stanley Kaiser Stool

Now who was the South African Jewish member of FDB? Oh and he lives in Perth. Hello Donald Orst aka Duck Monster founding member of Fight Dem Back. I bet you are just as excited as us hey? This court case if it ever makes it to court is going to kick some butt.

Must read HERE.


Anonymous said...

"The D.P.P was used by the jew community. Thats their problem. Take it up with Dr Shilkin. Telling the police I had been harassing them for 10 years. Had intimidated women at israeli "Seacret Stalls". Threatened to kill their kids. ALL FUCKING LIES! "

The Pharisees and their Judas, patron saint of the Judaist "religion" used the DPP of the time, as they do....

Predisposed to treachery, the lot of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it gets better.

Guess what a little bird told me? They told me that the D.P.P, Channel 9 and reps from the local and national Xewish community SAT DOWN over tea and biscuits and PLOTTED under a bare light bulb in a well decked out basement to HARASS, INTIMIDATE and SLANDER me - no holds barred. Well, thats the kinda street brawling I like.

I do beleive thats a "crime".

Now the gloves REALLY come off.

Just consider me Private "Itchy Trigger" circling the targets in a C-130 Spectre Gunship with a bad attitude and a Vulcan Minigun and I'm not sparing the ammo - if it moves it comes under fire.

Everyone duck.

I cant beleive Alan Troy and the crew at the D.P.P ACTUALLY thought I would bend over for this one.

I am going in with NO LAWYER. I have dismissed Rod Keely. He was rung FOR ME by Detectives. I told Detectives I would not be represented as I thought it would be fun to go to a "test case" unrepresented. as it is - Rod Keely is about making "their" life easy - not mine.

Lets "play" is what I say.

I cant get a job in this town. My usual life is ruined. I will ultimately have to leave Perth for some peace from the harassment. Before I go...lets play.

Anonymous said...

The hacking is INTENSE! That last UPDATE I did has them in FITS! I guess your update has added to the mellee?

He, he, he.

They are HACKING through "Skype". All is (relatively) well until I use it and then a 2meg file gets downloaded and the computer is unresponsive for 2-3 minutes. They are linking in with some REMOTE DESKTOP Server technology called "Timbuktu" that Skype inexplicably bought out. A hard core I.T guy said he can hit Timbuktu with ease when he logs onto a remote computer with Skype installed - THAT is HIGHLY unusual.

People should note this.

Stanley Keyser's family have a BIG I.T business in Melbourne. We KNOW this. We THINK is it called KASEYA I.T

"The Kaseya Managed Services Edition is an integrated IT Automation Framework specifically designed for managed service providers. The Kaseya framework manages each client's infrastructure, network components, servers, and users' desktop PCs - remotely, comprehensively and transparently."