Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ooops Zionist stole my Country. Inside the Israel Lobby UK.

Oh boy the wheels are well and truly falling off the Zionist hate train in the UK. I guess all the Israel First types and the Sayanim (Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a term that former Mossadkatsa and author Victor Ostrovsky and Thomas Gordon use to describe a network of Jews living outside Israel who volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad) that infect our Western Nations will have to start some type of distraction. Maybe another Terrorist attack?

While we are at it here is a great example on how the Australian Sayanim work with each other to silence free speech. This is what most White Aussie's would call a "dog act". Yet in left wing circles and Israel it would be considered normal. See how all the tribes of Israel in each state of Australia network with each other over Brendon O'Connell.

Warning symbols of HATE are mixed with Australian themes. HERE

Now for another kosher turd. @ndy the Jewish Anarchist.

Above member of the ARA. No that's not the Australian Refugee Association. Its Anti Racist Action. Same thing I guess. ARA is a Kosher militant Anarchist group of terrorists who are based in North America. @ndy just loves these guys. In fact I wouldn't mind betting that @ndy
will eventually have to start a chapter up in Australia considering this little tit bit of info off his HATE site. "This is part of a larger trend of rejecting anti-fascism within anarchism, and needs countering." Just sad aint it.

Now much like Darrin Hodges and his Jewish handlers old Andy doesn't mind taking a swipe at anyone who he believes is to outspoken about Israel. Much like Hodges and the Australian Protectionist Party, @ndy just keeps finding more Nazis than a Nuremberg Rally.

Old @ndy the not so Anarchist cant help but show his true allegiance to the House of Hate "Zionism". No surprise when you consider the Anti Racist group he co-founded "Fight Dem Back" is nothing but a Anti White Jewish Hate group. That was until the FDB handlers pulled the plug because they are more of an embarrassment than anything else.

Jewish founding member of Fight Dem Back Mathew Henderson Hau with openly GAY Justice Kirby.

Mathew Henderson Hau contemplating yet another display of disgusting behaviour.

and just to prove it, yes folks that's Mathew Henderson Hau exposing himself in public.

How is the new job going in your chosenite field of LAW Mathew?

Anyway I got sidetracked. I figure you guys are still downloading the vid so you wont mind. Back to @ndy.

@ndy has found another defender of free speech to attack. This time they are going after the people who have nothing to do with Nationalism, Fascism, Racialist Politics or Christianity the new target is the 911 folks. What next @ndy the Maoists? Sure as shit aint no such thing as a Pro Zionist Maoist now is there. Hell they are your competition after all.

This State Funded and State owned asset @ndy has decided that the NSW leader of the 911 Truth movement deserves to get a mention on his Hate Site. What was this mans crime? He presented hard evidence at a free speech forum that conflicts with the media friendly evidence over the so called Terrorist attacks in New York. What an evil guy. Oh I better mention now he is also of Aboriginal heritage. His other crime? Apparently this free speech forum was run by "NAZIS". You know when things have got bad when the Nazis run free speech forums and the book burning Sayanim try and prevent it. Fact of the matter is that Nazis did not run the forum but every day Australians with a handful of Racial Patriots. The key word is everyday Australians. Cant have them speaking out against anything. That just doesn't fit with the Zionist agenda. Time to put more fluoride in the water folks.

So there we have it. Anarchists and Anti Racist (read Zionist informers drug addicted Marxists) are helping the Nationalist cause by bridging the gap between us and the every day Australian. You see since they heaped us into the same category they have increase our popularity. From a Nationalist perspective this is a great day.

Now do yourself a favor visit the 911oz - Australian 9/11 Truth Movement and put yourself on the mailing list. Every day Australians getting out there and asking questions.

Evil Nazis plotting destruction?

"Like 964 other professional architects and engineers Mr Utzon has signed the petition demanding of Congress an independent investigation into the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center buildings in New York on September 11, 2001."

Now do you get the feeling that the only activists who can do anything are the ones who haven't painted themselves into a corner because of the fear of being labeled a Racist or an Anti Semite? The left have failed its our job to lead the charge.

On another note. "Hate Speech and conduct intended to incite racial vilification". I guess Australia's own Rainbow Serpent and proud poo puncher Leader of the Greens Bob Brown better not go to Western Australia. After all Bob publicly stated that the majority of White Australians who don't vote Greens are "Racist Rednecks".


Anonymous said...

Check this out Victor..

Should be called WhiteFlag, or WhiteFag day, signifying complete and utter submission and admission of failure requiring the "Tikkun OlaM" of the singularly magnificent, Munchausen by Proxy afflicted Judaist Nanny state that presumes to repair the very damage which it purposely and maliciously caused in the first place.

Ottow identified Judasism as a distorted feminine in nature. Perhaps they also deviously deceive us into admissions in the court of the Sannhedrin of being congenital "Anti-Semites" as Men who eschew the slippery nature of the Jew.

Some arsewipe, probably Kosher, wants us to tacitly admit that were all potential Wife and "Jew" Beaters by signing an "oath", as if it is necessary in the first place...

None of us need the approvals or the administration of the Jews under the auspices of NoachBrains Law,,,The Jew can go and play with itself as it ritualistically seems to do.

This scribbler has no intention or desire to "Smack a Jew", for in doing so we become the existential manifestation of that which we find to be the very antithesis of those ideas to which we aspire.

Anonymous said...

That's pure GOLD!

We have a new catchphrase....

"Israel, where Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome is a State Policy"

"Whip me, whip me!" Cries the Masochist in a lustful frenzy.

"NO!" Replies the Sadist coolly but emphatically.

Anonymous said...

A Righteous Gentile Speaks.

The Purpose of the AntiFa Zionists is to keep our heads down with false "shame" and "guilt"....

The only shame and guilt in the whole deal is in being stoopid enough to believe any of the things that slither from the mind and mouth of the JEW.