Thursday, November 26, 2009

Putin and The Bikers

Seeing as two of the founding members of Whitelaw Towers are long term, and still very active, Bikers, permit us to indulge ourselves for a few moments with a heart warming story from the great Motherland of Russia.

There is nothing chickenshit about the Russians, never has been. Russian Nationalists, and this includes the Bikers as well as the Skinheads, are something special. They love their country and what’s more their country loves them. Why? Because the Russians know these blokes will FIGHT for it.

For example, you won’t see any Gay Mardi Gras in Moscow. The last time the Homosexuals (almost entirely German and other European Militant Gay imports) tried to agitate there, the Russian Cops gave the Skinheads five minute’s start. As it turned out that was all that was needed to convince the queers they were definitely NOT welcome in Mother Russia.

Russians admire power and they love a tough guy. Even though he was a complete and utter bastard, they loved Stalin too (for a while) and gave him his name which basically means ‘Man of Steel’. It’s a similar thing now with Putin, except Putin, unlike Stalin, has very few Jews around him. He’s an ex KGB Colonel and a Black Belt Martial Artist also. He’s the real deal when it comes to being a regular all round White Guy. His faction is unofficially referred to as The Nordic Generals.

When it comes to the Russian leadership class the hackneyed old Hollywood stereotype of the pan faced, squinty eyed Asiatic Tartar, is virtually impossible to find. These blokes, just like the Scandinavians, the English and the Germans are the descendants of Nordic Warriors and they’re proud of it.

The Russians understand the politics of power and respect strength whereas our feminised insipid liberals, denuded of their masculinity, promote the creed of the strong being led by the weak and advocate the further dilution of the little remaining warrior spirit among our people.

Unlike Australia, Russia is a Nation that is REALLY interested in border protection.
Seen here with ‘The Surgeon’, the President of the Night Wolves MC, Vladimir Putin wishes the club well on its planned trip to Sevastopol in the Crimea, on the very Southern edges of Russia’s Empire where it meets the Islamic Caliphate.

Just as the original Rus Viking leader back in the day would have instructed an advance party of his elite fighters to keep an eye out for the camel jockeys, we can just imagine Vlad saying:

“Now you boys look after yourselves down there in bandit country and if any towel heads give you any trouble you have my full blessing to kick seven shades of shit out of their sad arses!”

Following this pep talk, Putin even presented the club with a special Russian Flag to carry with them! Unreal stuff!

Now let’s be quite serious here Folks. Could you imagine our very own preened and powdered Thunderbirds puppet KRudd presenting Alex Vella the National President of Australia’s largest One% Bike Club 'Rebels MC' with an Australian Flag? The last I heard of the Australian Government’s attitude to him was they tried to block his re-entry into the country after he attended an overseas boxing event! KRudd would be nervously licking the pink gloss off those precious, pursed little lips of his with consternation at the very thought of bumping up against real, dirty, scumbag Bikies.

Now these blokes look like Folk we could work with.

The Church Loves The Bikers

And The Bikers Love The Church

Bolshy Bad. Church Good. Yep, the Orthodox Church, which is so essential to Russian Culture, is back in favour and the old style Humanist Commos are out. Even members of the National Bolshevists in Russia are locked up on sight. They are a 'declared' illegal organisation. What do we do here in Australia? We lock up Bikers for even associating with so-called 'Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs'!

In The Ukraine They Even Put Up Monuments To Bikers!

What a very different world to Mike Rann’s South Australia and his criminally unjust, toxic so-called 'Anti-Biker' legislation that is spreading like a creeping miasma into the other Australian states. Russia seems to appreciate its Patriots and Nationalists regardless of whether they are tough guys and a little outside of the letter of the law. Provided, when the chips are down, they love their Nation, its culture and will fight for it then that seems okay with the leadership. Somehow we can't imagine too many AntiFa or Gay Activists stepping forward to defend anything apart from their own puerile self interests.


Eithne said...

I guarantee that if some of our men stood up and behaved like this you'd find plenty of men and women wanting to join with you!
Our people are crying out for our warriors!
Many of us are poised to join in or act in support roles - we are just awaiting our call.

Anonymous said...

One word. White Ribbon Day.

bushranger said...

Excellent story WT.

Although not a biker myself, I can appreciate that bikers are essentially a European phenomenon.

I am a great admirer of Prime Minister Putin. You can admire a man like Putin on the other hand I reserve only contempt and disgust for Krudd.

Anonymous said...

Mike Ran got his just deserts when the husband of the chick he was banging punched him out, CLASSIC!