Tuesday, November 17, 2009

See a head? Well…just kick it!

In the comments page on the slackbastard blog @ndy posts up a rather lengthy ‘report’ by someone who was present at an AntiFa demo in Leeds UK. Here is just a little excerpt.

“It was around this time that things started kicking off. Somebody in the middle of the crowd was suddenly set on by everyone around them, presumably because they thought he was EDL, although I’ve heard since that he may have been a BBC runner who was getting some batteries for the camera. I was nearby and managed to see that there was at least 10 anti-fascists kicking somebody on the floor. The police stormed in and rescued the man without drawing their batons and carried him away.”

This is the sort of thing guaranteed to give any FDB criminal a stiffy. We bet @ndy barred up swiftly upon reading this passage. You see FDB just luuurve violence…when it’s not happening to them, of course.

Regular readers of Whitelaw Towers would be more than familiar with the outrageous hypocrisy and brainless stupidity of the AntiFa in general and @ndy slackbastard in particular but the following excerpt from a comment by @ndy on his own web page is quite special in its inconsistency.

“Anyone is free to use the term “Antifa” (or to declare themselves to be the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte for that matter) and IndyMedia has an open publishing policy, so I just think it’s curious that someone would opt to use that terminology. Use of the term ARA, however, is much more specific, as it refers to an actual organisation. I wrote them to ask if they was (sic) responsible or knew anything at all about the post, but I’ve yet to receive a reply.”

Why then @ndy are not the ‘National Anarchists’ also free to term themselves Anarchists? Why is this tolerant largesse of yours not similarly extended to and bestowed generously upon them?

Now, we can hear you folks out there thinking to yourselves, but why bother? Calling the Reds on their hypocrisy and inconsistency is like shooting fish in a barrel. Well here’s the reason folks, these Red Scum must never gain even the most minute scintilla of credibility among the general population because, believe it or not, these idiots are regularly referenced as ‘sources’ for Controlled Media hatchet jobs on decent White Nationalists.

What the Victor Whitelaw Project was originally conceived for and what Whitelaw Towers is all about is utterly discrediting these vile creatures and shining the harsh light of truth on their lies. We must not and never will yield an inch of ground to this filth and will never give a microsecond of respite to them. We are on their case 24/7.

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