Friday, November 20, 2009

A Sydney Perspective

At the risk of contradicting somewhat the post from our Queensland Bureau, I should like to present my own critique of this APP idiot and blatantly obvious Zionist tool. My good friend has ‘vented’ his quite justifiable and righteous indignation over the barrage of insults broadsided at White Nationalists in general and WLT and its affiliates in particular. But, unlike my good colleague, I will endeavour to keep my powder somewhat drier.

The ranks of the APP crew seem largely swelled with ne’er do wells and what we true White Nationalists call Five Dollar Charlies, losers who never carry a note of a larger denomination than Five Dollars in their wallets. I suggest some of them might supplement their incomes by serving as 'snouts' for the State Police and I am convinced many are 'Shabbos Goy' or 'Sayanim'

This, I would also suggest, is possibly why they are such ardent advocates of engaging in the ZOG system’s corrupt and rigged electoral politics. There are certain concessions and grants etc that might enable them to even, perhaps once a year or so, have a beer and pizza night. Mind you, it’ll only be two slices and one stubby each! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Very different from the copious quantities of liquid refreshments, including various imported delicacies, and huge variety of hearty fare on hand at another certain group's meetings I am familiar with. One which Darrin and crew incessantly slag without mercy. But, of course they are just 'wankers' and 'losers' and 'pretenders' etc who 'don't actually do anything'. I mean to say, if they actually did anything we'd be reading about it in the ZOG's chip wrappers, wouldn't we?

The hard cold facts are that at all levels of business in this town as anywhere else, stuff gets done with no fuss and fanfare at all. Look at the Exclusive Brethren. They could buy and sell everyone's sad arses but they do it all behind closed doors and what's more it's all legal.

The particular fool in question is one of several possible creatures, a simple agent provocateur charged by his masters with the task of taunting White Nationalists with the intent to incite threats or actual physical violence but more crucially, along the way, revealing vital clues as to operational matters by denying, explaining etc.

Another possibility is that he is precisely what he sounds like, a drooling, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging retard whose entire ‘knowledge’ of White Nationalism and politics in general has been ‘learned’ while sitting at the feet of his wise old Uncle Darrin.

Like his demagogue Darrin, he is borderline illiterate and isn’t that the ultimate irony? How can anyone ever hope to even function adequately let alone succeed in mainstream politics, writing reports, giving speeches, dealing with the Controlled Media etc when their command of the English language would see them fail Sixth Grade?

Close your eyes and it is not difficult at all to imagine this tosser gazing into the camera with a glazed over stare mumbling “Please explain” when the interviewer employs a word of greater than two syllables.

Yet another possibility is that he is yet another *yawn* attention craving 'try hard' who was unpopular at school, possibly being cruelly bullied, and now seeks to project his own excruciatingly debilitating feelings of inadequacy onto others while indulging in delusions of grandeur at his own fantasies of viability and success and attacking real achievers with the safety of anonymity the Internet provides.

Engaging oxygen wasting scum like this can be of zero benefit to any true White Nationalist. It saps vital energies best utilised with getting on with the task of White Survival and Resurgence. This is possibly where I differ fundamentally from my Comrade in Queensland in that I would rather put EVERYTHING into our known and identified traditional enemies rather than chasing these electronic ghosts.

As I have said, even refuting his accusations or attempting to explain where he has got it wrong can only serve to lend some legitimacy to his attacks and reveal information about structure, numbers, assets, strategy and tactics.

Interfacing on any level with these do nothing, know nothing twits is tantamount to playing Ouija. It is a dangerous waste of time to talk to unknown or non-entities. They simply are not real. If you think you hear them on the phone, ignore them, it’s simply another case of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). If you see them in the street, walk on, they are apparitions. I know that, as demons torment the wanderer in the desert, these imps will whisper their waffle on the wind but IGNORE it. Reply and you’ll end up chatting with a trick cyclist from the comfort of a leather couch.

Their mission is to drive you farking crazy. I say drive THEM farking crazy by ignoring them or holding up a mirror so they can talk to themselves and send themselves nuts or even MORE nuts than they already are. Okay, call them on their bullshit when it gets very serious and perhaps even dangerous but do NOT, under any circumstances ‘chat’ with them, particularly on their own websites. Darrin, in particular, has a proven track record of altering and/or editing, removing online material. Beware!

Ultimately, their main mission, driven by bitterness and resentment at their own ineffectuality, is to drag us ‘shadow dwellers’ as they call us out into the spotlight so the Mossad sharpshooters can get a clean shot, one shot one kill, at us. Fark ‘em don’t give them the satisfaction. Just keep on quietly achieving our intended goals as discretely as possible. The SAS have a survival tactic they call ‘being the grey man’. That is our best survival tactic in this Hellish Dystopia known as Sydney. Blend in, don’t get noticed and take care of business calmly and quietly.

Remember, the Chinese have taken over about Twenty Five Percent of Sydney’s real estate without firing a shot. Well, perhaps the occasional drive by on the Lebs but you know what I mean. How did they get away with it? They were mainly very quiet and polite and unassuming. No goosestepping down Dixon street with Chinese Kalashnikovs. Just lots of community cooperation and quiet progress. Most of it was done though hard work and legitimate business. That’s the way to do it. Don’t bellyache about the wogs. Emulate them and learn how they have done it and take our town back brick by brick, street by street.

Also, as a matter of interest, perhaps, to head off at the pass any accusations about my being ‘tied in with’ any particular party, I have never been a member of any Political Party or Trade Union whatsoever and have never been a member of Stormfront, Volksfront or any number of other groups I have been accused of being part of.

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Peter Watson said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the gooks do own 25% of the property in Sydney. According to wikipedia, there are 1.47 millions gooks in Australia. They are a very untrustworthy race. I don't like them and I especially don't trust any of them. The gooks have taken Sydney and the rest of Australia by force. Yes, they haven't fired on bullet but they have certainly bashed and even killed many white Australians. Fortunately, the skinheads and other whites have fought back over the years but we are slowly being defeated by the gooks and their Jewish counter parts. You are wrong when you say that white power is dead. White power will never die out. Not in my life time. It is debatable what root we should take to fight back but I think we should use a combination of physical violence and political campaigning. We must fight at every front. We must fight the enemy through intellectual means, through the internet, through the education system, through the political system and especially in the streets of every town, village and city. In the words of Churchill: "We must never surrender". If we do surrender to the enemies of white Australia, we would be letting down the war veterans and all the others who fought to keep Australia white. This is our land. Our fathers paid in blood to keep it and we have no right to give it up. Australia does not belong to the Asians, Arabs or the niggers. It belongs to us because we fought and died for it.
God bless Australia
Keep Australia White!!!