Monday, November 09, 2009

What are we implying?

Children Of Zion

Sydney Kosher Political emissary.

New South Wales Kosher commissar.

All to the beat of an African drum. Go forwarded my Zionist brothers destroy society. Sydney November 2009

Student Union reps for the University of Zionist Agents and Third World Operations Sydney Campus.

Sayanim and useful idiots Sydney 2009

Metro sayanim Sydney November 2009, this one looks rather familiar.

Mathew Henderson Hau and Christian Hoffman.

Sydney Gay Rights for Zion.

Area manager for Seacret? Sydney November 2009.

Paul Coats and the Kosher enforcer. Is that the best they have. What a joke.

Paul Coats

Kosher muscle

IDF recruitment officer and Bnai Brith rep. Sydney November 2009.

Noah White Sydney

Sydney Anti Fa


Mathew Henderson Hau pals.

Department of Kosher Affairs.

The world belongs to us.

Jewish Anti Fa Sydney 2009.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes Christian Hoffmann. A tad thinner in the face but I believe we have a match. It's amazing what a year or two of Jenny Craig will do. Or could it be HIV?

Anonymous said...

26. The Simon WIESENTHAL Foundation is an organization developed to counter anti-Semitism.

]..."sometimes things that never happened are true"

BO'C has achieved Mind Meld with Spock, and Spock appears to have difficulty disconnecting. Will Hymee mInd Weld his circuits when cornered with the Truth of his fraudulent existence as Puke Chosen ? Stay tuned Folks.

As a former kid resident of Perth WA, I remember a fine wine advertised on the Tube that went by the name of Kaiser Stuhl ? Perth is now forced to suffer its own putrified version of cryin' fein whine known as Stanley Geyser Shtool. Leave it alone Shtanley, it'll grow in its own. You must think that 'cause we appear to tolerate your ritual self abuse, without end, that we Celts and Anglo's are effing stupid. You're a fool Shtool, and at the image of your own magnificence, you surely do drool,and we've collectively just about had a gutfull of slipping up on it.

The notion that these DunderKlumpen's are "Chosen" by anything other than a Narcissistic Fool is absolutely preposterous.

Get your ritualistic hands off yourselves "Xews".