Monday, November 16, 2009

While we are still having a good laugh over Stanley.

Oh boy now this is funny. Not for the "Jews". Forget the Fascists what about the MJ army. Hell I didn't see this coming. My god I need a beer. What a crazy F*&ked up world.

End of times people.
Then again it may not be the end of our times? Just someone else?

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Anonymous said...

this may sound strange but..

If Michael jackson wasn't knocked off by that Jew Dcotor (Conrad Murray) then just imagine the amount of influence he would have had over millions and millions of people regarding the Jews. MJ was starting to speak out about the international Jewish conspiracy as he had no doubt experienced thier meddling first hand.

Interesting how a Jewish doctor basically murdered him and what have we heard about the repercussions for the kike? Nect to nothing!