Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A White Man's Call For Help. Brendon O'Connell Raided and Charged AGAIN.

Here is a post from our comments page section published verbatim as we received it. We have decided to add no extra emphasis or 'spin' in our own comments, it really requires none, but to instead just present it and say this bloke is a fair dinkum warrior for his Folk.
You may not agree with his particular take on things, all the Christian stuff etc, but he obviously has the intestinal fortitude to actually DO something about our dire state of affairs.
Remember this as you read it and keep it in mind afterwards too. Carry this thought with you.
This is real stuff happening to a real Man TODAY. Not ten years ago when you can use the excuse that you couldn't help.
If you are a real White Nationalist this bloke needs support NOW.
'nuff said.
Brendon O'Connell said...
Hello. Brendon O'Connell here. I was raided by the state security unit led by detective timothy richard paini. He was IN THE HOUSE before the other police came through the side gate. I confrointed him - he stated he had come through the side gate also - that is a lie. He was in the house "DOING" something. I went OFF. I stated he was attemtping to frame me and plant something. Their behaviour was DESPERAATE!I have been charged AGAIN with "Conduct Intended Tp Incite Racial Vililifacation". I was also charged with "obstructing police".I refused to acknowlege THEM or their BULSHIT warrant.Paini is CORRUPT. He is NOT acting as he should. He appears desperate.The D.P.P is desperate.I have dropped my Barrister - otherwise known as handler.I RANG Paini at 10 am Monday morning to complain important files (including raw video footage of the I.G.A confrontatio) were missing. 7 hours later I was RAIDED!Please get the word out.ALL my communications is cut. Computers gone. Mobile gone. Passport taken. COURT DOCUMENTS taken.UNBELEIVABLE!I am scared because they appear absolutely me on...brendonoconnellencrypted2@gmail.comI screamed at Paini that he and his freinds had deleted e-mails that morning and been hacking my computer. He SMIRKED! I said I'd wipe the smirk OFF HIS FACE.I will ALWAYS have timed for the Uniformed coppers but my days of co-operating with detectives are O-V-E-R.I will represent myself.It was said to me by Rod Keely (Barrister)that they had NO CASE from the beginning.The D.P.P is being TOLD by jews what they must do. The D.P.P colluded DIRECTLY with the xew community and channel 9.I will be suing/having charged the dpp, jew community leaders and paini with depriving me of my "Political Liberty".Go to my blog for updates but right now I dont have the password (taped to my stolen Netbok). Please contact fugaziquo in case they are deleting e-mails as they have been.Regards,Brendon O'ConnellP.S - this is getting VERY VERY interesting.
12:26 PM

Donations can be sent to

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Josh East Perth said...

He is getting what he deserves the paranoid fruit-loop!!

I like this Detective Tim Paini.. would have loved to have seen the smirk :P

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes John and what do you deserve?

John can be traced by using this little bit of info. Go for it my WN pc hunters. AU AUSTRALIA WESTERN AUSTRALIA PERTH IINET LIMITED

Anonymous said...

hahaha lets see who gets paranoid now. Nice one Whitelaw.

Anonymous said...

JoshTalks as a Judas Whispers

Anonymous said...

Julian Lee's views on the Jews...
Julian is a racial conservationist for all races, as opposed to the Jews programs of racial extermination....of all races, so as to manufacture "Goyim" and secure their delusional manifest destiny as that of psychotically and singularly magnificent.

Whitelaw Towers said...

That is a righteous video thanks for that.

Top Deck in Perth. said...

Top Shelf in Perth.

This ones for you Brendon...It sounds like you've got a few mates in the military. Hope they appreciate it to......

We deserve better than that which acts on our behalf right now.

Anonymous said...

can someone PLEASE tell Brendan to keep BACK UPS of EVERYTHING he has on disk stashed away somewhere as the corrupt tools of the ZOG (Police) will want to confiscate and/or destroy it!

Peter Watson said...

I think Brendon is learning a very important lesson on what happens when you publish to much information on the internet. Unfortunately, poor old Brendon is learning the hard way. I feel very sorry for him and I hope he wins the case. I've learnt the hard way about what happens when you publish certain videos and information on the internet. The capitalist-intelligentsia regime, which is dominated by Jews, will destroy any one who criticizes it. They want to keep the opposition against it weak. The problem is that we, the opposition, are divided. We must unite and destroy the regime and liberate the Australian people from foreign domination and control. We must win back our right to free speech and association. The Australian people must stand to together and destroy the anti terror laws and the racial vilification laws. They are an attack on our freedoms and democratic rights.

Whitelaw Towers said...

No Pete you have it wrong. The establishment are learning that we have had enough and we will speak out.

Its better to die on your feet than live on your knees mate. This whole episode is going to be a PR nightmare for all those who oppose truth.

Anonymous said...

Brendon O'Connell is made of strong stuff and he will quickly bounce back from this setback, I assure you. Indeed, this raid will make him more determined than ever.

Whitelaw Towers is spot-on when he says that the (Jewish-controlled) establishment are learning that we have had enough, and that we will speak-out. But isn't this precisely why they are determined to make an example out of Brendon?

Those who support Brendon must show equal if not greater determination. All genuine anti-Zionists and White Nationalists need to set aside any ideological, political or personal differences, organise ourselves, and unite against the common enemy. If we don't, the enemy will win. It's that simple.

Up and at 'em, I say.