Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Victims of the Zionist New World Order

The persecution and murder of the white race by proxy. This century alone millions upon millions of white folk have been killed by Zionist controlled institutions such as Communism Marxism and Zionist Christianity. At this point 2009 the white race is at 8% of the worlds population. 2% of this population is made up of women who are able to conceive. The white race is dying.

The matter is made worse because of the Zionist control over our laws and media that prevent us from speaking out. Any sign of pride or a wish to preserve or save what is left of our people is ruthlessly crushed by Zionist controlled Left Wing groups and Guilt ridden Western Governments. These Left wing groups are made up of Jewish led Anti Racist orgs or Zionist controlled Anarchist/Marxist gangs.

Two world wars Communist led Genocide mass non white immigration and Left Wing Democracy has taken us from 30% of the worlds population to the brink of extinction. Hate groups such as the Jewish led ADL & SPLC pressure Governments to create laws to suppress any questioning of aspects of Immigration Non White crimes and the Holocaust.

Many of today's leaders and highly placed bureaucrats have been members of various Marxist/Communist orgs. They are all advised by Zionist Jews whose only wish is to dominate the world.

Much of today's problems has its roots in the demonizing of the German People with Communist propaganda from WW2. Tags such as Nazi are used all to frequently when anyone questions any aspect of WW2 concerning the Jews. What are they hiding? The fact that the fear of another Holocaust may happen if White Folk demand to live as a race apart much the same as the Jews do in Israel, is deeply rooted in Anti Racist and Left Wing Jewish run groups world wide. This is why revisionists are also persecuted for their beliefs and their attempts to find the truth. No Holocaust means no evil Whites out to commit genocide. The Holocaust is a tool used to suppress White Nationalism and create White guilt.

Many people actually believe that White Folk deserve everything they get. They show no sympathy for White Farmers Murdered in horrific ways in South Africa. Someone questioning the Holocaust is more likely to make the headlines than the mass murder of the minority White Population in South Africa.

While Jewish Hate Groups such as the ADL and SPLC demand the assimilation of non whites and whites they ruthlessly protect the illegal and racist State of Israel. They are the ultimate hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

Kikey Noses....He's freakin' well back Jeremy Moans. What to do....What to do......

Anonymous said...

So in short - Where dem white wimminz at?

Well they certainly aren't interested in being inseminated by you Whitelaw(being a Nazi 'n all) but all hope is not lost.

Have you thought about using Indian(Aryans of the east) surrogate mothers to repopulate the white race?

All you need is one virile Whitelaw, some eggs and around 20k a womb and the white race is saved!

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anarchore said...

Well at least I got to watch your video before it got yanked... thought you did a great job on it.

I don't understand why they yanked it, it wasn't racist or anything... I guess the Youtube hasbarats are hard at work.

Please reupload it to a non youtube account, or tell me where I can download it from.

Whitelaw Towers said...

anarchore I have no idea why they bumped it. Must of hit a nerve. Dont worry working on it now to get it back up on a sight that is not pro ADL SPLC and anti white.

anarchore said...

Probably got a flurry of flags from the Hasbarats that are subscribed to you. Will add it to my vodpod again once you get it back online.

Whitelaw Towers said...

All fixed enjoy.