Monday, November 02, 2009

Who needs the EDL when Australia has the APP.

Take special note our friends in the UK. In fact I would ask that you contact your local BNP organiser and pass this on.

As we have seen over and over again the BNP for all its faults has still managed to make headway on the British Nationalist scene. This should be applauded even if some Nationalists do not agree with some of its methods.

For all the good work the BNP has done they are still accused of being a “Nazi” (Nazi is a term used to silence anyone opposing Zionism Globalism and Multiculturalism) organisation by Fascist Groups such as Unite against Fascism and Pro Israel Pro Multicultural groups such as the English Defence League.

The BNP has by its own choice had to buckle to some of these groups and their Zionist Controllers in the establishment to be able to remain a Political Force in the UK. So be it that is their choice. At the end of the day Britain does still have the National Front for those who are not exactly happy with the line taken by the BNP. One thing you can guarantee is that NF members on Election Day would vote for a BNP representative over a Neon Con.

This will not be the case in Australia sadly. The Australian Right has split into two distinct groups. One The Australia First Party a Radical White Nationalist Party and the Australian Protectionist Party a Neo Conservative anti Islamic pro Israel group. There was a time when much of the policy and beliefs of these two groups overlapped.

The APP was started by a British born ex BNP ex Australia First member Mark Wilson. His small factional group attempted to take over the Australia First Party and re create an Australian version of the BNP. This remarkable story of treachery had the Australian nationalist scene in absolute turmoil for about 12 months. The refusal of Australia First to be a single platform party (Anti Islamic) won the day and has seen the party now only weeks away from Federal registration and the National Domination of the Right Wing Political stage.

During all this the leadership of the Australian Protectionist Party has waged up till now a silent war of lies to discredit the Leadership of the Australia First Party the National Front of New Zealand and the Nationalist Alliance.

Using the official Australian Protectionist Forum they have singled out Dr Jim Saleam a member of the Australia First National committee. These attacks have been some of the most venomous attacks ever witnessed in the Australian Political scene. They have called into question his racial heritage using very dubious documents from early last century that show a distant "relative" not directly related to him. These documents were circulated on Storm Front Down Under by a known traitor who also passed on AF membership details and photographs onto Anti Fascist and anti racist groups in Australia.

The past month alone has seen the New South Wales Head of the APP implicated in working with the media in a shocking personal attack on Dr Jim Saleam and his family. At the same time he has also forwarded treasonous emails to other well known and respected Patriotic groups in New South Wales and Victoria. With these emails he has attempted to implicate Dr Jim Saleam in the ever increasing harassment tactics being employed by Left Wing Zionist groups. He has also made claims that AF is attempting to sabotage these groups. TOTAL BOLLOCKS! All of this is designed to fracture and create suspicion among Australia’s many White Nationalist groups.

Incredibly the damage that has been done is only minimal. Thankfully more open discussion between these groups at higher levels has seen the total unmasking of the Elephant in the corner. “The Australian Protectionist Party”.

The last 8 months has seen Australia First very busy with the job of moving forward. They have had to fend off attacks from the Zionist Anti Fascist groups and the Zionist controlled Right. Rumors’ being the favored weapon on average one per week has had members of Australian Patriotic groups wasting hundreds of dollars on phone calls sorting out the rot. All the information so far found from this communication has all lead back to New South Wales and a small handful of stuffed shirts taking orders from Victoria. Each one of these vermin has over the past two years attacked anyone they consider “Nazi” (in this case awake to the Zionist Right or a member of a RAC group) at public meetings and on Right Wing forums.

You would think we are busy enough with the Zionist left let alone having to put out spot fires from these traitors and infiltrators. Imagine how much could have been achieved if this lot was taken out of the picture. We have lost hundreds of supporters and thousands of hours work because of the antics of a very small section of the Right Wing Movement.

Now read the latest dribble. Keep in mind how they howl about the BNP being attacked in the very same way yet employ the very same tactics against Australian Patriotic Groups. Once again we see the Zionist infiltrators using methods straight out of the Anti Fa handbook. I’m sorry to say my fellow Nationalists from the BNP you guys unwittingly are giving aid to Australia’s own EDL.

Firstly on the invitation to Australia First to speak at Beersheba Day 2009, sadly Australia’s own small roll in founding the State of Israel. A great early example of the Zionist using our brave fighting men in the creation of the State of Israel, still it is a brilliant feat of Arms by the Australian Light Horse.

Below is taken from the Australian Protectionist Forum, hell does the BNP forum look like this? Do BNP officials speak openly about fellow Nationalist groups like this?

Darrin Hodges NSW Head of the APP



Beersheba Day 2009

Come and join us to commemorate the 92 anniversary of the famous

charge by the Australian Light Horse at The Battle of Beersheba.

Celebrate the history altering exploits of these often forgotten Aussie heroes with other like minded Australians.

Find out how 800 Australians wielding bayonets took on a foe numbering over 2600 that were armed with machine guns and cannons…………………..and won!

The Commemorative Function will include;

Accounts of the action

Talks on the unique nature of the Australian accomplishment

Launch of The Beersheba Poetry Competition

Film reenactment of the Battle

Reading of The Role of Honour in remembrance of those Australians who fell

A display of memorabilia and photos

Afternoon tea will be provided after the event where you can meet the speakers

A crèche is available for parents with younger children.

When: This Saturday 31st October 2009 from 2.00pm till 4.00pm.

Where: Masonic Center 731 George St South Windsor

(Between Mobile Service Station and Wattle U Bee party hire)

Parking: The venue has a free car park”

Darrin Hodges NSW Head of the APP

“It has come to my attention that Saleam has insinuated his odious presence into the above event, apparently as a "speaker". Here is a picture of Jim celebrating the ANZAC legend:”

Insert Photo of Jim Saleam at Right Wing gathering on Anzac Day in the 1970’s. Funny how the picture used by Hodges was first used and published by Zionanarchists groups in Australia.

“And here are some of his friends from his so called "Anzac Alliance":”

Insert pictures from last weeks Flag Day march organized by the New Zealand National Front. This was attended by Australian and Kiwi Nationalists alike. Insert link that shows that Jim Saleam made a speech on behalf of Australia First and of the close relationship Australian and New Zealander Nationalists have. Darrin uses photos showing Nationalists from the National Front sourced from the Zionist media. They didn’t have suites on. How dare they. Not a single Israeli flag present but plenty of Kiwi Flags and Aussie ones.

Now from a member of the APP Mutation

“If the above fucking tools represent the future of Australia I would rather the Muslims won.

If they do turn up I hope they get the shit kicked of them and just to avoid the paperwork I wont be going anywhere near it despite its proximity to where I live.”

OK Mutation is that a threat a promise or just a bit of wankery? Here we have members of the APP now saying that they won’t attend because they will not be able to control themselves from committing violent acts on members of Australia First. I wonder if this is the same guy who threatened to put a bullet in this writers head if he attended the Sydney forum this year. Oh I’m still here. No extra vent holes.

Does the BNP allow this type of threat to be publicly displayed on the BNP forum? Sorry guys from the UK APP claims to be very close to you lot. In fact they claim to mirror the BNP.

Now let’s see what Nathan from the APP has to say.

“I would like more information as too his being invited (or not) to be a guest speaker. If it's the organisers doing it then I say good luck to them. If it is a self styled invitation then I feel someone needs to make the organisers aware of his history and the bed feelings he may bring to the event.”

I wonder what he is hinting at? Come on folks this reads like an anti fa forum. I bet we all know what happens when the anti fa make a statement like “I feel someone needs to make the organisers aware of his history and the bed feelings he may bring to the event”.

Moving along

The Head of the APP in NSW Darrin will answer young Nathan.

“The only way he would have been invited is because the organisers do not know who he is. I couldn't imagine anything more embarrassing for them to find they had some Nazi wanker as a speaker at such an event.”

Really Darrin. Maybe someone should mention this.

Considering Jim Saleam isn’t a “Nazi” it shouldn’t be a problem. We all know how Nick Griffin is always attacked as being as a “Nazi” or a Holocaust denier, maybe the organizers are aware it’s all enemy propaganda.

Here we go

Spike APP member.

“I've sent an email to the address in the initial post just to make sure they know who Saleam is and whether it would be in the events best interests to have him as a guest speaker”

Read that again people. He sent an email to the organizers with a dirt file probably created by anti fa or Bnai Brith saying hey if you don’t want any trouble you better take him off the guest speakers list. Let that sink in people. Still think they are a Nationalist Party. Let’s see what the APP have to say on the APP web site.

“We don’t mind if you are a member of another party or organisation, you are still free to join us. We don’t have to agree with each other on every single issue, as long as we help each other when it counts. This is all about getting a nationalist party registered to fight for Australia in federal elections.”


What other party are they talking about? The Liberal/Labor party, what about the Communist Party? The only real Nationalist Party in Australia at this stage is under constant attack from these people on the APP forum yet they claim the above.

Help each other? WTF by calling Nationalist from New Zealand and Australia “NAZIS” how is that helping each other?

Now let’s not get too carried away yet let’s see how the NSW head of APP throws more smear at one of the AF leading activists.

Darrin Hodges.

“The irony of this is, it would have been Saleam's ancestors/relatives who were shooting at the light horsemen.”

Nice one Darrin. I suppose if you want to derail a White Nationalist Party calling them non white is a good one to throw around. The anti fascist have made a profession of using smear like that against AF. They know how fickle those White Nationalist can be. So please pray tell what are the other Political groups will the APP will work with? Considering AF is the only Nationalist Party in existence in Australia.

OK now let’s have a look at some further comments from members of the APP about Australia First guest speaking at the Beersheba Day events.

Our little hero again Mutation

“The thread Beersheba Day 2009 got me to thinking about the scourge of the political Right ed Saleam and all the other Nutzies and was wondering what people thought about the following!
Clearly every time these morons show their faces in public the entire political spectrum right of center is further stained by the taint they ooze everywhere they go. From a marketing point of view they are our biggest enemy given that the western worlds guilt about the Jews and WW 2 is such that they woud sooner jump into bed with Stalin than be seen to be in any way associated with Nutzies.
What I am wondering is if the public profile of Patriotic Nationalists might be raised and enhanced by us making it a point to discredit or otherwise harras every Nutzi we can find. I dont expect to convert any of these idiots and would never trust anyone dumb enough to get involved with them in the first place but perhaps we can make some ground in the public's eye at their expense!
Two birds with one stone if you know what i mean.

P.s. Please keep ridicule and abuse to a minimum”

Does the BNP publicly ridicule other Nationalist groups in the UK? I know the EDL does. Hell we just posted a You Tube video showing them burning a Swastika and calling the National front and the BNP “NAZI’s”. They have told members of these Nationalist groups to stay away from them because as this dead man walking Mutation has said. “What I am wondering is if the public profile of Patriotic Nationalists might be raised and enhanced by us making it a point to discredit or otherwise harras every Nutzi we can find.” And “perhaps we can make some ground in the public's eye at their expense! “ Boy who didn’t see that coming hey. We even predicted the APP would do this.


“Well if any decent Patriotic Nationalist Party wants a future in Australian politics, I would think it would be a given to both distance and condem Neo-Nazi parties such as Australia First. While some will argue it's better to work with such a party for the greater good, there is simply no way the general public will largely accept a political party with anti-semitic views or even ones who may appear to sympathize with them.”

Well I guess the BNP is screwed? By their actions alone and what we have read here they would give Nick Griffin the boot. Hope my UK pals are taking this all in? I hate to be the one that breaks it to you but I think you guys should take a look at who is claiming to be your friends.

Here is another. I truly don’t think they read what they say. Look at this guy go on about the Liberal Marxist media (liberal Marxist you are kidding, that’s a new one) and such using tactics they themselves are using as we speak. They may as well be describing themselves in this one. Maybe they are? The Liberal Marxist tag certainly fits them.

Note this is an attack on all nationalist in Australia not just Jim Saleam or Australia First.

True Aussie

"I agree entirely. You've only got to look at the the progress the BNP in Britain's made, since Nick Griffin took over as leader in 1999 and started modernising and mainstreaming it, or if you like denazifying it and remolding it as a democratic nationalist party.

Well said. Associating with a party such as Australia First, or any other party with dubious pasts and openly neo-nazi connections is PR and political suicide. The liberal marxist media will attempt to portray any genuine nationalist as a crazed jew hating nazi, we don't need to help them by associating with people such as AF.”

“or any other party with dubious pasts “Again that rules out the BNP. All this Nazi talk, funny how these guys and the anti fa are the only ones who openly speak about Nazis and are always feeding the Zionist media. Oops that’s that word again Zionist I guess that makes me a “Nazi. Fancy that Nick Griffin and I do have something in common; we are both “Nazis” in the eyes of the enemy.

So let’s rap this up. The APP is out of control. Its leadership refuses to rope in members on their forum that have openly admitted too threatening violence towards Australian nationalists, using the media to smear Nationalists as Nazi’s to raise their profile, passing on enemy propaganda to prevent AF from speaking at public venues, having an Australian nationalist Party barred from speaking at public venues.

Now this isn’t an isolated event. The founders of the APP are well aware of what is going on. They have stood by and let this situation go from small isolated issues on ideology to full on open criticism of White Kiwi and Australian Patriots. They have members who openly call patriotic Australians “Nazis” and in the next breath sing the praises of the State of Israel. They don’t even bother to hide this, although just last month they did remove a fair bit of Pro Israel BS from the forum.

All this comes at a time when the Australian movement is looking more unified than ever before. At a time when it is suffering from unprecedented attacks from the media and State Sponsored Anti groups. Now we also have a small section of the Zionist right doing everything they can to help the enemy for their own gains.

These people are not White Nationalists. They spend more time attacking us than the enemy. They use our forums our people they are the enemy within. I call on all patriotic White Nationalist’s in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to contact the leadership of the APP and demand a stop to this.

If they refuse I would ask that they be shunned from the movement and thrown off our forums. Our groups need to be cleansed of their members and all contact with them should be terminated. They should be shown no mercy and ruthlessly shut out immediately. After all we are doing what they want. Let’s help them achieve that goal.

Here is the speech made by Dr Jim Saleam click HERE


bushranger said...

The comments from some of the twats in APP are truly remarkable. If they think the average Aussie gives a flying fig about jews or "anti-semitism" they are sadly mistaken.

Then again you don't mix with many average Aussies when you spend all your time with your controllers, the boyz at the "clearing house" and attending bar mitzvahs.

Ghost of Vinnitsa said...

This is the tragic consequence of the White Nationalists’ flirtation with electoral politics and why sadly it is doomed to abject and utter failure.

It is comparable to someone entering a game of Monopoly halfway through and with almost no funds. The long time players have it all worked out, they are flush with cash, the various alliances and deals have been made long before and they certainly will not tolerate any newbies crashing the game.

Sorry, but all good intentions aside and I wish them all the best but they are on a hiding to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Australian Pharisees Party ? I've not heard of Noachide Nationalism, 'cause it cannot possibly be. The interests of Israel and the "Gentile" are diametrically opposite. One demands enslavement of the other as puddin' proof of delusions of grandeur. The Gentile without price seeks his own destiny independent of the annoyingly persistent and sticky ideological interferences of Jouie the Fly, straight from Rabbi Shtip to You.

The last nominal "Christian" to Protect the interests of the Pharisees was one Judas Iscariot, the patron saint of the Judaists.
"Christian" Zionistas seem to be made of similar stuff.

He is remembered only for his betrayals, a propensity to kneel for profit, and has become synonymous with the idea of treachery.