Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Here we come.

As the year winds up and the last of the get together's on the WN calender for 2009 pass, preparations for 2010 are well and truly in the advanced stage.

Its been a busy month. This past weekend alone saw White Christmas events for the lads at B&H and a Anti Anti Fa special meeting hosted by Australia First. All of the above events were well attended.

The fact that the WN community can hold events such as this across Australia all on the same weekend is a sure sign of a healthy movement.

We look forward to the New Year and ask our readers to get out there and support your local Patriotic groups. The next big event is The Hammered Fest on the Gold Coast. So start making plans for this truly huge event in April 2010.


bushranger said...

2010 WILL be an interesting year.

marry said...

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Eithne said...

Well 2009 saw some huge steps forward and, as these things grow exponentially, I'm certain 2010 will see some excellent developments as well.

Anonymous said...

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