Friday, December 04, 2009

Anti Fa spy plane shot down on the Darling Downs

Queensland WN compound showing the sophisticated Anti Aircraft Gun Emplacements.

Anti Fa Spy Plane

In what seems to be the case of mistaken identity and or a friendly fire incident White Nationalist from Queensland shot down what was thought to be a Anti Fa spy plane. The crash scene at Vonhoff Road, about 19 kilometers north of Crows Nest is an area known to be largely occupied by White Separatist types. When asked what happened this morning local White Nationalists said " what were we supposed to think? Here we have a WW2 Russian aircraft circling the compound with a bloody huge red star on the side. You can never be to sure"

It was later found after the shoot down to be a Vintage WW2 Russian Yak that was just on a joy flight. Local media have kindly written this up as an emergency landing caused by lack of fuel.


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