Thursday, December 03, 2009

Australian Red Scum Found Guilty of MURDER. Twenty years is a long time.

Especially in a Bulgarian prison. HERE

@ndy and the Australian Fascist Anti Fascist pin up boy Jock Palfreeman will spend twenty years behind bars for the cold blooded murder of a University law student Andrei Monov.

Already dispatches are flying about to friends and colleagues in the Bulgaria WN community asking that they do all they can to help poor old Jock out. I think we should send him some soap on a rope and a jar of Vaseline with iron filings in it. That should keep him safe from being the toy boy to the Gypsy Kings.

Curiously the Bulgarian Anti Fa have published statements saying that Jock is a bullshit artist and deserves everything he gets. In fact the young lad he killed wasn't a "NAZI" and had mates in the local Anarchist community.

State sponsored Australian Anarchist Andrew Moran aka @ndy is screaming blue murder over this one folks. His little Nazi killer has been hung out to dry.

Now I wonder how well he will get on with the Local Gypsy population he loves so much in the Bulgarian prison system.

"We should really put a travel ban on stupid Anarchists. Unless they are going to Southern Africa."

See what happens when you listen to too much Cher?

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Vlad said...

Sounds like a rare win for the good guys. I have found a new level of respect for the Bulgarians. They obviously have a keener sense of justice than our bought and paid for Muppets of the Australian Legal System. This red clown is obviously a waste of white skin and I will sleep soundly, not caring a tinker’s cuss for the fate of this ‘Australian’. The only thing that makes the news even sweeter is to hear the likes of @ndy and weezil blubbering and weeping into their bowls of lentils, great stuff.