Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chabad Lubavitch is pulling the strings.

Ever wonder why do gooder anti fa and anti racism orgs seem to care naught for the families of the people they persecute? Well when you consider the company they keep its no wonder. Sure its just a coincidence that groups like FDB are majority Jewish. Hey they are only joking when they threaten White Activists with their State and Federal Government connections. Its not like Jewish Hate groups have any Government influence in Australian Domestic policy, right?

You can ignore the mountains of evidence that Left Wing Jews are in fact well trained Zionists. You can ignore the fact that Anti Racism campaigners like Mathew Henderson Hau uses black mail and other unsavory methods on his Anti White pro Jewish crusade. You can even ignore his Jewish pals in the Australian Legal system. But ignoring it sure as hell doesn't mean its not all true.

You can ignore the fact that "Chabad Lubavitch" sent their Western Australian and Victorian members of their youth wing to spy on Brendon O'Connell. You can ignore the fact that these two self proclaimed LEFT WING kibbutz trained commies just so happen to be good pals with Anarchist @ndy and Fight Dem Back.

You can ignore the fact that Anti White hate groups like Chabad Lubavitch control these radical anarchist groups and anti racist NGO's. You can even sleep well at night knowing that Chabad Lubavitch are in every major city in Australia. Sure do all of the above if you like. But unless you have made a deal with them I would not advise it. They hate you and always have. As a matter of fact these people idolize their Rabbi's who preach hatred towards everyone outside of the Jewish Cult.

Watch these videos. Remember the name "Chabad Lubavitch".


Anonymous said...

"Ever wonder why do gooder anti fa and anti racism orgs seem to care naught... "

And that's not all they're pulling.

Did you mean Orcs ? The Jews hang around Goys and Gentiles like Gollum couldn't help but sniff around the affairs of the "evil" Hobbitses....We has the ring of Power and the Nasthy Jews wantsit for their precious "manifest destiny".. a destiny

Most Gentiles would related to Middle Earth, where Elf, Dwarf and Man dwelt, yet the Jews paints us all as "extremists" because we want to preserve Middle Earth. It is the cycloptic Jew, who we never quite see, with its eye of Moron, that spreads discontent and suspicion amongst different peoples of Middle Earth who are each intrinsically valuable in themselves.

These pestilential InSectarians always and necessarily enter at the fringes of one's community and it is there that the keepers of the gates meet them initially. Those infiltrators that make it to the educational and legislative centers begin the infestation with their destructive and diseased ideas that are designed to eat from within the moral fibres of the host community.....They seek to De moralise us with guilt about our own existence and normalise self destructive behaviour with the manufacture of illusory peer groups that dupe the young into such behaviour.

To be labelled and extremist by the Jew is a badge of honor, because we have discovered the point from which he exits the darkness of his own sordid existence and enters our world with foul deeds in mind.

Whitelaw Towers said...

"To be labelled and extremist by the Jew is a badge of honor,"

Thank you friend.

Anonymous said...

These 'Jews' appear to be of no particular racial origin...UROs, or Unidentified Racial Objects...

So we necessarily identify them by their behavioural characteristics derived of their 'religion'.