Thursday, December 03, 2009

Danny Green. Now thats how you do it.



Anonymous said...

Black Africans have two major advantages when it comes to boxing. 1- A higher prominence of fast twitch muscles throughout their structure and 2- a higher level of bone density(I'm not really sure about this one, would higher bone density transmit less shock?).

As well as generally being more aggressive. Which obviously would help in any fight sport.

Current world heavyweight -

who beat the monster

to win the title.

Whitelaw Towers said...

White pro fighters are something that many black pro fighters are not. HUMBLE as champions. Danny Greens comments about his opponent after the fight are typical of a Gentleman Sportsman.

Anonymous said...

Well yeah that's certainly true.
If you were to tally the behaviors of white, black and asian sportsmen you'd find a nice correlation related to humbleness, with asians at the top and blacks at the bottom.

WCE said...

holy crap! Green really beat the shitta outta him! lol That's great stuff!

Next... MUNDINE!!