Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interesting Article from the National Front.

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The choice is yours.

Time to choose?

By Eddy Morrison


"I have said before that I think there is room for two Nationalist parties in Britain. The British National Party pursuing the electoral road and giving the public the choice of a ‘soft-option’ brand of Nationalism or the Radical White Nationalism represented by a renascent National Front.
However, since Nick Griffin’s elevation to the lofty heights of being a member of the European parliament, the balance has changed very much for the worse.

The BNP is in my view not even remotely a racial-nationalist party, nor unfortunately can it now be described as even a British Nationalist party. Instead of the Populist or Radical Nationalist choice, the British public are now faced with a choice between another ZOG sell-out party OR a truly White Nationalist party.

A vacuum has opened up that has never been there before. It is for this reason that the NF is now broadening out its appeal and whilst remaining totally true to its core values is also becoming a broad church Movement which appeals to British Nationalists of all shades of opinions.

In my view for any patriot who is seriously committed to the salvation of their race and nation, then the BNP is no longer an option.
Let’s look at some of the points that have caused this vacuum to be created.

The BNP since John Tyndall was ousted in the most underhand manner by Griffin and his cabal (many of whom he has since purged anyway) in 1999 has progressively dropped one Nationalist policy after another. The first sign I saw of this (before my own expulsion from the BNP for supporting John Tyndall), was when I noticed that the sub heading of “The British Nationalist”, then the monthly paper of the BNP had been changed from “For Race and Nation” to a more liberal “For Identity and Freedom”.

Many years working within British Nationalism alerted me to the fact that we were in for a major change in not just policy but core principles as well. I will not go all round the houses in this article and I doubt it will win me many new friends but as my good comrade, Steve Smith said at the last Leeds NF meeting “Truth is the one thing we must tell”.

So here is the truth about how the BNP under Nick Griffin but with the connivance of others who should know better have totally sold out Racial-Nationalism – and British Nationalism for the very dubious distinction of turning a once great Movement into yet another Establishment organisation.

Griffin continually promotes the idea and very bad principle of proscription. Anybody who disagrees with him is not merely expelled from the BNP but proscribed too. In essence this means that anybody proscribed by the sell-out Griffin junta cannot be spoken too or contacted by any member of the BNP who in turn wishes to keep their membership.

Thankfully most decent BNP members ignore this. Proscription of patriots is akin to Stalinism, and indeed in many ways there are a lot of similarities in the way that Stalin repeatedly purged his own Communist party and the continual (almost weekly!) purges that continue within the BNP. Being a vocal member of the BNP these days means parroting Griffin’s latest political meanderings or facing the bullet.

The National Front proscribes NO patriots and many NF members are also members of the BNP, BM and other groups. We have no problem with this. The NF compared to the Griffinite organisation is almost a paradigm of proper internal party democracy. Nobody is expelled merely for deviating from one point or other of the many parts of the NF programme.
Other major points of difference which again are forever increasing the size of the vacuum are the fact that homosexuals and lesbians seem to be quite welcome within the BNP.

Griffin has committed the once racial-nationalist party to a programme on race which no longer recognises race as the key factor. Instead, compulsory repatriation has been junked to be replaced by an ever softening line on immigration to the point now where we are getting statements such as “If ethnics in Britain follow British law and traditions then they are welcome to stay” and “an all White Britain is a totally impossible and NOT WANTED aim”. Already, Turks and members with mixed race partners are members of the BNP. It will not be long before non Whites are walking into the BNP.

The Jewish Board of Deputies has described the BNP as THE most pro-Zionist party in Great Britain.
Griffin has recently stated that the British people must become the new Jews. The BNP actively goes out of its way to recruit and push forward Jewish members and the BNP support for the bandit state of Israel is total. Griffin no longer denies that the BNP is a Zionist party – i.e. – it supports Israel and attacks the Palestinian’s justifiable fight for freedom.

The BNP has also moved away from recognising the existence of a world conspiracy – so obvious to anyone who investigates the fast emerging New World Order. Why? Because the BNP itself has now become part of that New World Order in that it neuters any British Nationalist opposition to the NWO takeover of our country by pretending the New World Order Globalist conspiracy just doesn’t exist.
I could go on at great length and cover many, many other points where the NF is left holding the fort when it comes to staying a racial-nationalist party but let me finish by picking just one - The Fourteen Words. The 14 Words state the basic principle of White Nationalism throughout the threatened White World – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”. Griffin and his ever changing BNP has rejected the 14 Words “I used to believe in them but I grew out of it” echoes Establishment figure Nicholas Griffin. To reject the 14 Words and to condemn the National Front as “Fourteen Word cultists” is the language of the Globalists and the enemies of our race. In fact Griffin (once a member of the NF which he almost destroyed in the 1980’s), continually uses the National Front as a convenient whipping boy. “We aren’t the Nazis the National Front is”, he said recently to the Observer newspaper. I am daily thankful I am not a member of the BNP with all the double-talk and twisted double think this must entail. If YOU are really a White patriot and are a member or supporter of the BNP then you are wasting your time, money and sweat on an organisation which is in fact a gigantic swindle to generate cash for an elite group of amoral and ruthless individuals to whom comradeship, loyalty and honour are long forgotten words – and that is why also you should join, as I have, the National Front."

I believe that Nationalist in Australia must also choose. Lucky for us we have a head start on the trimmers and the Zionist traitors that infect the White Nationalist struggle.


Peter Watson said...

The best way to deal with the enemies of nationalism is to constantly stay on guard against them and constantly seek to expose and denounce them. If we do that, then they will never get a foot hold in the Australia First Party. Australia First should establish some kind of intelligence and security bureau to keep tract on anti nationalists and other anti Australia forces.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes Pete. That is a good idea, one that each group needs to do. I think you will find that this is already common practice in Australia. Early days but 2010 should be a good year to clean house and build good intel.

Eithne said...

There are two choices if one wants to actually have any chance of being elected to power....
1. play THEIR game and end up like the BNP,
2. destroy the MSM and the method of economic enslavement.
Only one of these methods will EVER get to the root cause effectively.
The enemy is identified, their main weapons are identified...the only thing left to do is to render their weapons useless.

Anonymous said...

What's your beef against Israel? Why the brotherly love to Palestinians? Surely it's not because you've read the history - for the facts show the latter never had it so good. Perhaps you behave from an emotional instinct and hate propels you? Facts are only then good if they support your hate. Otherwise the facts get in the way, not so?

bushranger said...

My own experience of the BNP is that they appear to be obessed with money. I wonder if David Goldstein is the BNP Treasurer?

The BNP has its place for the time being but I agree with the writer's opinion that the BNP cannot be considered a WN or Nationalist Party. The BNP has taken the place of the Torys.

Whitelaw Towers said...

"What's your beef against Israel? never had it so good" This deserves an article. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Sons of Noah," or Noahide

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed." (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ma'ariv, October 6, 2004)

This scribbler is not "Catholic" or of any particular denomination.

With reference to Israeli intent as the nation state of the "Jews" from which the Zionist Rabbis have expressed a desire to rule and administer the affairs of the "Goyim", we see that Israel's treatment of Pali Goyim is no different from that advocated for Anglo/Saxon or BNP or NF Goyim......We're all just "Goyim" to these delusional dreamers.

Whats going on over there is an insight into YOUR future under Noachide law....Do you like what you see Starry eyed dreamer ?
Do you think the "Jews" see you any differently than the way Israeli's see Palis and Arabs ? Keep deferentially dreamin',, 'cause they don't....

"Idolise US as the existential manifestation of YOUR God, or we'll kill you." is what the Rabid's really saying.

Who hates Who now ?

No religious Meme I know of has targetted the Jews for extermination...other than their own...They yearn for it and their life is centered about eliciting pouisecushun from the host population if none is to be found.

If "HATE" does not exist, then the Jews will create it....It follows them because they wrote the source code and are the creators of it.

This fact alone is why some of us desire only to have them inflict themselves upon themselves... They shower us with useless trinkets, baubles and two faced patronising flattery as extortion so that we'll let them live amongst us, and then threaten to abondon their creative energies (creatin'Hatin) and use them for destructive purposes....

The Jews admit that they are destroyers. Their only "creation" is pousecushun and "hate" and the law is a vehicle to protect the propagation of their monstrous creations.

They're Nutz.....and their religious ideas should be locked safely in G_d's Cotton Ward.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article on what the Zionist AntiFa Jewish Establishment are up to with their 'tolerance'.

Coincidentally the word verification was appropriate.