Monday, December 07, 2009

Like a bad case Herpes. Zionist influence of the NSW State Government.

Surprised? You shouldn't be considering the shocking proof of Zionist infiltration of the UK Labor Party.
Mathew Henderson Hau would be proud. Funny how the Anti fa in Sydney didn't have a protest about this meeting.

History Made as Chanukah Comes to NSW Parliament in Australia

Evil minds that plot destruction

History was made in Sydney last night when the Jewish festival of Chanukah came to Parliament House for the first time since the New South Wales Parliament was established in 1856. The event was initiated and hosted by the Yeshiva Centre – Chabad NSW Headquarters under the auspices of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.

Premier Nathan Rees, Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Richard Torbay, Deputy President of the Legislative Council Kaye Griffin and Leader of the House John Aquilina joined over 70 members of Parliament, a dozen Ministers and shadow Ministers and over 100 Jewish community Leaders and Rabbis at a pre-Chanukah reception in Parliament to celebrate the festival.

A highlight of the occasion was the historic presentation of a pure silver Menorah (Chanukah candelabra) to the NSW Parliament by the Chabad movement. The Menorah was presented by the Head of Chabad in NSW, Rabbi Pinchus Feldman OAM and accepted on behalf of Parliament by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Deputy President of the Legislative Council.

In an emotional address, Rabbi Feldman spoke about the history and meaning of Chanukah and said that the Menorah, which shines its light and shares its warmth with those around it, is a fitting gift to the Parliament of New South Wales, whose Latin motto,“Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites”, means “Recently risen, how brightly you shine”.

The inscription on the Menorah reads as follows:

“This Menorah was presented to the Parliament of New South Wales by The Yeshiva Centre - Chabad NSW Headquarters, in recognition of the friendship bestowed by our elected representatives to all faiths, including the Jewish people. May the light of Peace and Harmony continue to shine brightly in this State and throughout our nation.”

In accepting the gift, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Richard Torbay said, “On behalf of the Parliament and people of NSW it is a pleasure to receive this gift of the Menorah which will permanently be on display here in Parliament, and which symbolize the values and morals which our society is blessed with.”

Other speakers at the event included Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell, Deputy President of the Legislative Council Kaye Griffin, Leader of the House John Aquilina and NSW Jewish Board of Deputies President Robin Margo.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff said: “The Jewish community is proud to be an integral part of this great state and this great nation. Holding a Chanukah celebration in Parliament House reflects the values of democracy and liberty which the Jewish community shares with the Parliament.”

The Chabad movement is holding public Chanukah celebrations later this month at iconic venues such as Martin Place and Bondi Beach.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Governor-General Quentin Bryce have recently visited The Yeshiva Centre – Chabad NSW Headquarters in Bondi where they were also presented with Menorahs.

Sorcerers of death's construction

Death and hatred to mankind

Poisoning their brainwashed minds

Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait 'til their judgement day comes

Now as we all know NSW has a new Premier. A nice Christian Girl. You will love this comment. "FYI, she is indeed a great friend of chabad, she attends almost every year the F.R.E.E. gala dinner etc.. however due to major political turmoil she did not show to this event, and the last photo is NOT her."



Three arrested in anti-Israel protest

Melbourne police used horses and capsicum spray to subdue a demonstration by pro-Palestinian protesters who targeted a major meeting of Jewish leaders last night.

Three people were arrested after 100 protesters stormed a side door at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

Inside, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Israeli Vice-Prime Minister Silvan Shalom were waiting to address about 400 delegates to the Australia Israel Leadership Forum.

Sergeant Steve Burke says a police radio went missing during the scuffle, as protesters moved towards the building.

"The building wasn't damaged. There was some dirt hurled at police officers, water hurled at police officers," he said.

"It was a pretty quick event; a couple of minutes and it was all dispersed."

Sergeant Bourke said the protesters had breached an earlier agreement with police for a peaceful protest.

"We are fairly disappointed that they have broken that agreement," he said.

"At the end of the day three people have gained entry, we're talking a few metres into a foyer, they were apprehended and their details have been obtained and we are following up inquiries in relation to those."



Anonymous said...

we thought the NSW parliament was bad before, it's certainly doomed now that the tentacles of the filthy Zionist mechants of death have slthered their way into the chambers.

Anonymous said...

I have examined the behaviour of the subject for years Dr Whitelaw..

As an professional amateur psycho, it is my inconsiderate opinion that the Kosher version of the affliction is immediately apparent to all who have the courage and care to look.... It is positively identified as irreligious variant 666..Much Chosen Syndrome by Proxy, where innocents not of the InSect are made communally ill so that repair can be effected through the Noachide administering of "TikkunOlum"....

Sometimes the innocent community or culture ceases to exist, in which case the predator will move to discover a new Proxy.....

However, in saying this, I MUST be completely and utterly Nutzzzzzzz.

Good Job Whitelaw.....They black clothed apparitions slither about our communities with their snide whispering like dementors that such the very life force out of everything they touch.

You KNOW who said...

As Mathew Henderson-Hau (the hyphen is obligatory) would say...OWNED!

And he should know. He's been 'owned' by the Evil Kosher Klowns for many a year.

Just to let you know we're still thinking of you Matty boy just as you're still 'thinking'... of us...

Here's a big 'Kia Kaha!" to YOU chump...erm champ...or...

Anonymous said...

Hey Brendon,,

How's about a quick word to us on what's going on out there ?

Anonymous said...

Behold God's Chosen....One sophistrian fractal in a singularly magnificent construct of a "people".

Jeremy Moans with a forked WormTongue.

All Gentiles only need to remember that the "religious" idea by which this slitherer identitfies sees us a animals in human form sent to serve the ONLY manifestation humanity.

Are you animals people ? Look at this scheeming fool at the link. What do you see ? Anything extwa spechul or extra specious.....

Zionism also demands the multicultural deconstruction or "diasporisation" of Gentile communities, even those of whom are claimed as "Allies" of the "Jewish People"....

Appeasement will not work.
All Gentile "Zionists" have been betrayed by their own willingness to trust and need to believe.

Was the Judas ever allied to anything other than his own covetious envy and lusts ?

If a friend in Deed is a friend indeed...Then these so called "Jews" are no friends of the Gentiles. They collaborate against everyone else because they are predisposed to it.

Anonymous said...

More of it here too.

Anonymous said...

Remember the White Flag Day "Oaths"...that make us admit we're predisposed to wife beating.....Here's some more insipid Jew inspired "Oath" Keepers.

These weasels must surely be the existential manifestation of Ontologically exceptional Evil.

Eithne said...

They're the same bastards who hosted the arsehole from Indonesia who shot the Aussie journalists in Balibo and tortured hundreds of East Timorese.
If people REALLY gave a shit about human rights and morallity they'd want to know why Iemma hosted a known murderer and torturer and why Angus Houston plays tennis with him as well?
People have no idea and they don't care.