Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Immigration comes before public health


Tuberculosis is spreading in Australia due to migrants from Papua New Guinea bringing the fatal disease with them into all regions of Australia.

Migrants are screened for TB however it can remain undetected in a carriers body for months before it can be detected.

Dr Konstantinos said it was “certainly true” tuberculosis was on the rise “across Australia”.

“It is related to a change in migration patterns and increased incidence of people developing TB after they have migrated,” he said.

“For Queensland our immediate neighbors are the highest part of our burden,” he said. “Migrants have very high rates of infection. All you can do when you screen for TB is screen for disease but you can’t screen for the large number of people who will develop disease in the future.”

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Anonymous said...

Tuberculosis in its multifarious forms, it can effect EVERY part of the Human body, even the bones, has killed more people in history than ANY other disease, period.

It used to be referred to as 'consumption' because it literally 'consumes' the victim's body.

It is a wretchedly painful way to die.

Welcome, my friends, to your bright and shiny future.

A glorious future that is just like your miserable past.

Brought to you by your friends at Multicultural Industries Inc.

It's back to the future folks and the past is about to get Medieval on our arse!