Friday, December 04, 2009

More horrific news from South East Queensland

Whitelaw Towers staff in South Eastern Queensland can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of local press reports currently emerging from the Darling Downs region along with some rather hysterical speculation and rather lurid descriptions of White Nationalist ‘secret bases’, ‘compounds’, ‘test ranges’ etc.

The rather grainy shots shown here are purported to have been taken somewhere in the Gympie area by a local crop sprayer and stories are emerging about a vast network of deep subterranean tunnels linking certain ‘grid points’ which have been hotspots for UFO sightings and other unexplained phenomena over the past decade or two.

These grid ‘crossover’ or ‘nexus’ points are claimed, perhaps coincidentally, to be where most White Supremacist activity has been occurring and where several large rural properties are said to contain large ‘boltholes’ or bunkers where teams of fanatics are being trained to be despatched in a blitzkrieg attack on vital state infrastructure such as parking meters, speed cameras, desalination plants, wind farms and garbage recycling centres.

Apparently experts from the FightDemBack organisation are working on a consultative level with the local authorities as well as Federal intelligence services in a bid to establish a swift and logical response to this unprecedented Neo-Nazi uprising. This organisation, renowned for its fearless work in exposing Nazis wherever they are to be found, has a very close and special relationship with all levels of government and has access to vast databases of information. It has been said they are the people ASIO and the Federal Police go to first before making any tactical decisions regarding hateful white fanatics, such is their awesome level of specialised expertise on the subject.

But even they are not immune from the destructive powers of the evil and cunning Nazis. A spokesperson from FDB even tearfully claimed in a recent radio interview that one of their unmanned surveillance drones, cleverly disguised as a WWII Soviet fighter plane, was fired upon without warning and heavily damaged as it approached a Toowoomba property. It crash landed in a nearby paddock and its data recorder is presently on its way to the FDB Scientific laboratory located in its own secure basement deep beneath the Sydney Holocaust Museum for analysis.


The local press is going crazy on this story.

This report from the Brisbane Daily Miscegenator:

“In a coordinated display of awesome logistical genius and overwhelming firepower vast columns of Neo-Nazi automatons goosestepped from dozens of compounds located across South East Queensland. They were accompanied by many strange and exotic vehicles which military analysts say are decades beyond our current level of technology.

One witness who insisted on not being identified, after finding a large swastika scorched into his front lawn with a burning cross in the middle (we’ll call him ‘Weazal’) claimed to have heard them all chanting in unison, in a flat toneless manner, their eyes glazed with blazing hatred; “Resistance is Futile. Prepare to be Segregated!”

The Darling Downs has now been declared a disaster zone by Captain Bligh safely aboard the States’ command ship the HMAS Bounty stationed off the Gold Coast, and all air traffic has been diverted. After the loss, earlier today, of two RAAF FA18’s on a reconnaissance mission, this now includes all military craft. Amazingly the pilots were later found unharmed on the ground despite their planes being annihilated by the Nazi Death Ray. Apparently they were ‘sucked out’ by a powerful magnetic tractor beam just prior to their planes’ destruction. Incredible stuff!”

These claims are utter nonsense. WLT have studied this phenomenon and believe the Neo-Nazi Supermen are actually ‘sliding’ in from a parallel dimension. It is well known by experts in this specialised area of cosmic quantum science that once the harmonic fields have been balanced, the wormholes are aligned correctly and statically stabilised it is possible to move vast quantities of men and material through these rifts in the space-time continuum, rather like a super highway from this other dimension.

In a related story, it has come to our attention that all FDB and APP field operatives are being issued with Tinfoil Yarmulkes and Neo Nazi Zombie Proof body armour...
You just gotta love that Yiddish style and sense of fashionable flair.
Just look at that Obama/Democrat logo.
Oy Vey!


Anonymous said...

"garbage recycling centres".

You're guaranteed to find a few feeding Kosher @narchists there....Not to mention a few tired old recycled and Kosher ideas.

They're keenly interested in used disposable razors and will Fight You Back vehemently for them...

They shall not be forced to go with their pimply posteriors unshaven when chapped for rump ridin'.

Anonymous said...

The invasion already begun!

Whitelaw Towers said...

"garbage recycling centres". Is this some type of code wtf. So do we go to the Melbourne city recycling center? Crikey.

"The invasion already begun!"
People will believe anything if you parrot it enough times. We have the Holocaust and now we have the swindle of the century "Global Warming" and "climate change".

Lets have space Nazis also.