Saturday, December 05, 2009

Most Zionist Party APP CAUGHT OUT. Yet again.

Now folks we here at WLT are getting a little sick and tired of playing games with the Traitors at the Australian Protectionist Party. I know many of you are getting tired of these troublesome traitors also.

Recent revelations from people who are leaving the APP has helped us identify the Head of this group Mark Wilson as "Saxon" on the AI forum. This dirty little turn coat along with his bum boy Darrin Hodges since 2005 have been nothing but a liability to the WN movement in Australia.

In a move to discredit the only true WN party in Australia who is willing to work with all credible WN groups in this country, Mark Wilson has decided to call the National Committee of Australia First liars and frauds. In particular he has claimed that AF's registration as a federal party is a hoax.

Understandably our contacts in AF although angered by this are a little hesitant in getting involved in a bitch fight with obvious frauds. I guess they consider this type of Zionist spin doctoring a distraction from what they are doing. Well folks we have plenty of time on our hands and have no problems showing fellow Patriots what type of creatures the leadership of APP are.

Now for the latest crap. You will note how it reads just like the Storm Front Down Under trolls who spewed lies and smear during the reign of moderator Barron Von Hund. Now that guy was a great friend to these people. In fact Darrin Hodges and Mark Wilson were his greatest East Coast fans, along with a handful of others who are now members of the APP.

Take your time to read about how WLT staff exposed BVH and how his actions made him the most hated WN in the history of SFDU. In fact we get the feeling that he was just a useful idiot controlled by these APP traitors. The tactics used by BVH, APP and the Zionist Anti Fa/Anti Racism/Anarchist groups all come from the same handbook.

It must be noted also that the majority of people outed by BVH and the Anti's were AF folk or supporters of AF.

As clear as mud over at the Australian Protectionist Forum.

Spread enough BS and someone will pick it up.


"It seems to me clear cut,he does'nt have the numbers,and has not applied for registration.

I can't shake the idea that,he has lied to buy time and keep his "followers" moral up,because saleeem knows full well that APP is on the brink of the 500 members.
Lets not forget he has a long history of telling lies to buy time,and keep gullible followers inline.
Maybe i'm wrong,but if i am and he has lodged his rego,then the AEC don't know anything about it."

Yes you are wrong.

So there you have it. Now WLT towers staff could spend the next month answering to the lies and smear over at this forum. In fact the next poll will ask the readers here if we should. Every lie at the APP forum from Hodges and his associates is easily proven to be smear and BS.

The APP have shown time and time again that they are a two platform party. Anti Islam and Anti White Nationalists. The APP are on a one way trip to the bottom of the sea. They will fire off their Zionist made guns at WN even as the water goes up over their knees. When its over folks take note of the survivors of this ship wreck. Don't help them aboard let them drown.

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