Wednesday, December 09, 2009

@ndy the Authoritarian Anarchist outraged...again...

The perennially confused @ndy slackbastard’s latest bitch and whine session is over an American clothing company called ‘Hoelzer Reich’ who sell a pretty damned cool looking range of tee shirts with a Prussian/Germanic theme. They are apparently associated as a sponsor of the UFC ‘cage fighting’ circuit.

This writer happens to have watched a bit of this stuff on the telly and it’s not exactly subtle or a ‘gentleman’s sport’. It is brutal and nasty and can actually sometimes be quite sickening in its violence. It is no surprise then that ‘scary’ looking iconography would appeal to both the fans and the fighters of this ‘sport’.

Why all the fuss anyway, over iron crosses and death’s heads, which already feature strongly in the iconography of scenes as varied as Bikers, Heavy Metal, Custom Car, Hot Rodders, Rockabilly and even Punk? Even the New York Jewish pop band Kiss designed their logo with two lightning flashes as the SS in their name. This stuff is everywhere and has been since the end of WWII when returning Allied soldiers started hawking the looted German gear to anyone who had the cash and thought it looked stylish.

Even if EVERYTHING the Left claim about those evil, wicked Nazis were one hundred percent true and all the figures, including the dreaded Six Million, were absolutely correct then why is it so ‘tasteless’ or ‘fascist’ or whatever to appropriate the symbolism of the Germanic military yet not even worthy of comment that you can’t go ANYWHERE today without seeing kids wearing the Ché Guevara image?

Ché Guevara is the pin up boy for a regime that has (so far) been responsible for the deaths of around about 150 MILLION people! Ché Guevara (The Pig as his own followers called him) was a stone cold serial killer and mass murderer in his own right. The fact that he also represented and sported the symbolism of the World’s most destructive political ideology is almost incidental.

Where is the outrage @ndy?

And what of the Charlie Manson tee shirts?

What of the Hammer and Sickle and Red Star tee shirts? (You probably have a wardrobe full of this stuff yourself) At least this Hoelzer Reich mob don’t have Swastikas on their stuff.

How about we market a range of Pol Pot Fan Club shirts?

We would lay down hard, cold cash that there would not be a peep out of YOU and the rest of your useful idiots.


@ndy, you are a dead-set fuckwit and you just seem to be getting worse if anything. Your handlers must surely be wondering whether their money has been wisely invested. 'Cash for chaos' might have seemed cool back in the late Seventies when the Jews Malcolm and Vivienne exploited 'da yoof' but here, today, it's not even 'old school' cool. It's just...well it's just...old.
Give it up.

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