Thursday, December 17, 2009

NSW APP Leader Caught Red Handed

Well folks you have to wonder. Intelligence sharing is a great thing. Especially when it all works out. Looks like Australia's number one Lying sack of shit and all round scoundrel Darrin Hodges has been doing a bit of spying on Aussie White Nationalists.

The question is, why would the New South Wales leader and spokesperson of the Australian Protectionist Party do it? Quick answer is he is the ENEMY, and always was. Let's not forget this guy is the same guy who calls White Nationalists 'Nazis', passes information to the media on leading WN activists, was a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum and played a major part in the destruction of Storm Front Down Under. Last, but
not least, he and Mark Wilson attempted to turn Australia First into the Zionist Right Wing of the Liberal Party.

It gets worse folks but we will save that for another day. Next week maybe.

Cross matching IP's from this site and that of a forum Darrin Hodges claims is a Neo Nazi forum, we found a strange thing. Darrin Hodges. Over the past week, maybe longer, snap shots from the Australian New Nation Web Forum have been appearing on the Australian Protectionist Forum. Why they would bother is anyones guess. Hardly the sort of thing you would expect from a so called respectable "Nationalist" Group.

Well, without revealing how it was done, we manage to get the leader of the New South Wales branch of the APP to reveal himself. Rather funny really, he thought he was onto a good thing. Staff at WLT have known of his IP and variants of it for a long time now. As a matter of fact Darrin visits us at least five times a day and sometimes more. As soon as a post goes up at WLT Hodges shows up.

Here is the IP he uses most. Take note WN mods, best go check your members IP,s.

click on image

So let's get this in black and white. The above IP is Hodges. We have been watching him come and go for so long now it's a bloody joke. It was easy to do when this blog was only getting Twenty hits a day. Hell, he was 10 of them. Its a bit harder now but Hodges always appears within twenty minutes of a post going up. Its like clockwork.

Now the good folk over at Australian New Nation started having a look around. No one needs Zionists lurking around on a private forum. On the ANN forum you have to sign up. No public access. That means the members are all White Nationalists, mostly from Australia and New Zealand and represent just about every WN group in this country. It's a serious forum for serious people. I guess it's not that easy to blend in when you are Zionist loving Neo Con.

So it didn't take long to find him once he let the cat out of the bag by posting material on the APP Public Forum from ANN. What a wanker! Seems these Zionist trolls created an account under the name fjs2009 on the 07-02-2009. Now many of you will not be surprised to find out that the registration IP used to open the account was from, take a guess, Western Australia. Boy we get a lot of trolls and traitors from over there. No offence to the good guys over in WA.

click on image

The interesting part is that our friend has recently started visiting ANN after a rather long absence. In particular the last month. So what a shock it was today when we received this little bit of info from ANN.

Oh dear that IP doesn't come from WA. But it does come from a place called Engadine. Someone else we know uses that IP. Now the mod at ANN didn't want to take any chances and ban the wrong guy. So at about 11.30 yesterday morning he changed the avatar for fjs2009 to see if he could get a reaction. He put this on it and sat back and waited.

Now after fjs2009 logged back in twice after lunch and didn't say anything, he sent him this PM to see if he could get a reaction.

So when fjs2009 logged back on at 2100hrs last night he didn't reply. No surprise. Here is his other IP's he uses. Note the rego IP.

What a bugger Dazza! Exactly what are you up to? This guy would make a great side kick for Tony Abbott. Hang on, that's right, he was a member of the Liberal Party before he became a 'Nazi' then a Christian Zionist and now a BNP supporting "Nationalist".

To us you will always be a DOG Hodges. For all those people out there who have been smeared and libeled by this turd, this one is for you. Oh by the way this isn't 'politics', this is justice, you two faced Zionist traitor.


"Hodges always appears within twenty minutes of a post going up." Sorry we were ten minutes off.

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