Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thieves Rob Auschwitz & The Zionist Who Stole Christmas.

Arbeit Macht Frei sign stolen from Auschwitz

"The sign that spanned entrance to former Nazi death camp in Poland removed overnight

The iron sign bearing the Nazi slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" that spanned the main entrance to the former Auschwitz death camp was stolen before dawn today, Polish police said." Now that's what I call souvenir hunting.

"The five-metre-long, 40kg sign across a gate at the main entrance to the former Nazi death camp in southern Poland, where more than 1 million people died during the second world war," Oh boy did you read that? One million, well well the number gets smaller each year. As has been pointed out many times, first it was six million then it was four million and now it one million. At this rate we may actually see the true figure?

"Sawicki said the museum authorities had already replaced the sign with a replica, which was used briefly a few years ago when the original was being repaired." Yeah they just so happened to have one on stand by just in case. Its not like these guys are known for a PR stunt or two.

"Another police spokesman told TVP Info television: "The whole area is under surveillance. There are many cameras there. We are now analysing the film. I hope we will find the trail." Look out Rabbi.

Maybe someone stole it for a prop in a cool music video?


A giant menorah lighting in Brisbane

"A giant menorah lighting in Brisbane, Australia – where it was already the third night of the holiday – came next. Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, Sen. Ronald Boswell, Sen. Claire Moore, and a host of other federal and state legislators were on hand for the event in Brisbane Square."

So last night one of our Queensland staff thought he would go and have a look around and take a few happy snaps. Seems the Zionist are not exactly welcome in Brisbane. Pro Palestinian protesters and anti Zionist demonstrators sorta wrecked it for everyone. Strange that we have no media coverage about that.

Boy oh boy these Zionist are getting rather cocky? Its a total waste, no matter how much icing you put on a turd its still a turd.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff on these impostors that call themselves "Jews" and "Chosen"....

Anonymous said...

Relating to the Irish material.

Masonry is reflexively and intrinsically Zionist in nature for reasons not immediately clear to those not party to special secrets.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep thinking of the movie 'The Castle'?

Look to see how long it takes for that iron sign to appear on E-Bay.

Anonymous said...

They found it.... No Neo Nazis, just a bunch of Polish scrap merchants.....

Anonymous said...

Its probably their way of saying "We're here and we're Queer".