Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trouble makers of an extraordinary nature. APP

Once again it would seem Australia's most Zionist Party Australian Protectionists are up to no good. We here at WLT always believed that Zionist Christian Darrin Hodges was the main catalyst. Well folks looks like he was only doing what he was told. The head of the APP ex pat Brit Mark Wilson is truly pulling the strings.

Wilson ex BNP member and all round illiterate leader has taken to smear and the good old whisper campaign on the APP forum.

Last week it was the good people at the Nationalists Alternative this week its Australia First. Lets see what Mark Wilson has to say this time.

AFP registration,is it real or not ?

"Forgive me if i'm missing something,but i've searched and can find no lodgement for AFP,with the AEC, it would seem there has been no lodgement, I can't help thinking that slipery saleeem,is up to the usual,and well,having a lend of us.

I know that he is aware that APP has lodged NSW council party rego,and he knows APP is on the brink of the magic 500 number,that is needed for federal rego,

Is his claims an attempt to steal our thunder,or confuse the issue,who knows.

If some one out there can shed some light on this please do."

Well Mark we fired off an email to Australia First and asked them if they could answer your question. As if he didn't know anyway. What a wanker.

Here is the reply to our email from Australia First.

Dear Whitelaw Towers,

Your letter to hand. We are happy to answer your enquiry.

Australia First Party has received two letters from the Australian Electoral Commission concerning our application to register the party.

The first was an acknowledgment of the lodgement of our application, dated October 8. The second dated October 30, referred to the impact of the by-elections in Bradfield and Higgins which under Sect 127 of the Electoral Act ("Party not to be registered during election") means that the processing of our application is delayed until after the "return of the writs" from these by elections. The Commission expects to return to processing our application in January.

Why anyone would try to suggest that this application was not lodged when eleven members of the party have publicly tied their reputations to the application - is staggering. People like Tony Pettitt, Perry Jewell, Nick Maine etc would take this as a smear. Considering who has made the attack, we are not surprised.

Jim Saleam

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